7 Best Ways to Live Life Differently


How to live life differently?

Different ways to live a different life….

What we will read:

1) Think out of the box.
2) Stop following set patterns.
3) Try out new things.
4) Experiment with your look.
5) Be healthy.
6) Live out loud.
7) Plan your travel.

Happiness is a state of mind. It’s the time when you are satisfied. In this continuously changing and running world we have become the slave of our needs.

All of us have increased our needs to such a level that it seems as greed.Greed to achieve more even when you have what you needed.

Even after getting our chosen goal or ambition we cannot unlock the real happiness.Why? What’s the reason? It’s simply that you need to change your living style.

We all are free. independent but getting glued in certain circumstances we have become slaves. Slaves of our desires, ambitions, and greed.

Think out of Think out of the box: There are times when you have to take decisions like. “Can I plan a holiday at this moment?”. But at the same time, a thought strikes your mind.Why plan a holiday, a lot of money will be wasted. Or you don’t have time (erroneously).

Get over these thoughts and do what you feel like doing at a moment don’t push yourself in something you don’t want to do. Stop thinking so much. Minting happy moments is necessary to keep the aura and zeal alive and perfect relationships.

Stop following the traditional patterns of living. Earning, patterns: fill patterns spending, sleeping and then dying. Have time to enjoy your hard work. When you work hard you should party hard. Think out of a box and make your rules of living which make you comfortable.

Do not force yourself to do something which suppresses your happiness and fill patterns: In the list of things or ways to live differently, this is another hit step. When a child is born parents start preparing for marriage. (Most of the times.) Why? Life means marriage?

Stop following set patterns: In the list of things or ways to live differently, this is another hit step. When a child is born parents start preparing for marriage. (Most of the times.) Why? Life means marriage?

Or it means earning a lot and in the end having soup on the death bed and dying. Obviously No.This is the set pattern which most of the people follow, they grow up, study, get a job work 9- 5, get married, raise children and then die.

Can there be something more interesting than this? Yes .Leave the set pattern of life. Nothing is planned ever so just go with the flow. Achieve your goals. Relish whatever you dreamt of. Do not follow the set pattern.

Life is much more than having children and raising them. Most of the times people are unsatisfied when they follow set patterns.

This happens because all through their life they do what society or family wanted them to do. They never had time to pay heed to personal desires and ambitions.

Try out new things: We always have some fears. We are scared of trying something new. We usually get glued to our fears and carry them all along. Leave this habit.

Try out everything. For example, if you are scared of height, then gather all your courage bit by bit. Try out some adventurous sports like bungee jumping. Maybe once you feel scared but very soon you’ll overcome it.

Give yourself time and explore everything. From a different kind of food to world tour and travel. Plan out holidays with friends, family, and spouse and sometimes alone.

Try to do something which you are not meant to do..?It’s a bit difficult to understand. Like if you are a boy or men, you may be alien to cooking. So try cooking sometimes it may be a different experience.

Experiment with your look: Don’t you get bored of daily wearing similar clothes. Same hairstyle. You need to change your look. Changing look is often confused with becoming ultra chirpy. someone completely alien to actual personality.

Changing look means give yourself essential grooming. try out different clothes, accessories and hair color. This helps you gain more attention from people.

It also makes you more loving towards yourself. So that you never get bored of yourself.

Be healthy: This is very important. If you are I’ll in any manner then it’s never possible to live a happy life. Be very conscious about your health.

Include basic yoga or fitness exercises in your routine. Workout to keep your body in shape and loose any extra fat.

Live out Loud: Be optimistic in every situation. Don’t loose hope if the conditions are uphill. Then try to get over these conditions in a constructive manner.

Enjoy every moment of happiness with the full heart. Have time to celebrate your achievements. This will help you to live out loud.

Plan out your travel: Travel is fun. So try to travel as much as you can. Changing places, cultures and food are appetizers for the hunger of happiness. Human eyes are prone to changing environments and habits.

Changing places several times help you in gaining different yet beautiful experiences. It helps in creating memories which you always relish.

So live out loud, stay happy and differently. Stop following the set path. Make your own rules and be the way you want. Never get disheartened easily and try to overcome all fears, sorrows, and pains.

Life is one, live it to the fullest.

Useful resource :http://list25.com/25-ways-to-live-differently/

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