What Is The Full Form of WBC?

Check below to know that what is the full form of WBC? And also get to know its importance.

WBC: White Blood Cells

White Blood Cells are the guard cells for any individual. Whenever any individual comes in contact with any foreign particle white blood cells analyze and react according to its nature.

WBC Full Form in Hindi: श्वेत रक्तकोशिका

If the foreign particle can cause certain disease then white blood cells destroy these particles by forming antibodies to fight against harmful antigens.

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What do these cells exactly do?

These are lesser in number as compared to red blood cells. White blood cells, in turn, constitute a wide number of cells which are well differentiated in their function. When you look at any white blood cell measure medical report, you may come across these terms.

1. Neutrophils and monocytes engulf the foreign antigen hence providing protection against many diseases.

2. Basophils secrete histamine, serotonin and heparin these are basically involved in preventing allergies.

3. Eosinophils resist infections and allergies.

WBC                                         Source: upload.wikimedia.org

Common ailments related to white blood cells.

1. Viral infections.

2. Cancer.

Autoimmune disorder.

1. Tuberculosis.

2. A plastic anemia.

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How to maintain a healthy white blood cell count?

To maintain the armed force of your body in tune you need to follow a healthy diet, maintain a regular exercise routine. Include following components in your diet for normal healthy WBC count

1. Tofu
2. Chicken liver
3. Soya
4. Milk
5. Kiwifruit
6. Cashews
7. Carrot
8. Spinach & pulses.

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