10 Things to do this Year: Happy New Year 2020!

10 Things to do this year

Happy New Year 2020

1. Stop Over-Thinking: Past is past, and you never know what is lying ahead in the future, so it’s better to stop thinking about future and dwelling on past so move on and live the moments you are gifted in your present. A happier today promises a happier tomorrow.

 You cannot change the past; any mistakes or achievements in your history won’t count. Learn from mistakes and cherish the results. 

2. Drop your ego: It isn’t very easy to accept, but once you realize it’s there, you have to get rid of it. It creates a wall that inhibits communication. Be open to discussions. Communication drives ideas. To communicate and connect. Every kind of interaction helps in learning something new.

3. Stop being attached: Not everybody can understand your perspective. So stop being influenced or affected by every little happening. Do not let anything define your journey. Every new individual you meet may or may not please your ideas. Even when you disagree, you should not be judgemental. 

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’Be open to all but attached to nothing!” This way, you can explore an ocean without being wet. Attachments create boundaries and make you stagnant. 

4. Channelize your emotions: Emotions make you weak and healthy at the same time. So it’s essential to know where to invest yourself emotionally to prevent damage. The emotional breakdown is challenging to deal with. So limit your emotions to people who matter. For those who don’t care, stop making foolish emotional investments. 

5. Set Priorities: it is essential to achieve goals; it’s necessary to set priorities. Setting priority is required for both personal as well as professional life. This will help in keeping things balanced. 

6. Think before acting: An arrow left blindly reaches nowhere! So think hundred times before taking any decision. Stop being guided by other’s opinions, frame your own view. Act only if you are convinced enough to follow the plan.

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7. Be professional in your work:  Success depends on consistency and hard work. Nobody recognizes efforts if you don’t deliver results. So be integral and consistent towards work. Do not let your problems affect your work. It’s easier said than done, but this is the ultimate key to success.

8. Discover your likes and dislikes:  In our day to day lives, we follow a pattern to run our lives. Waking up and doing the same you do every day can help you finish your day but this way you can never discover your likes or dislikes. So give yourself little breaks from work to find yourself. 

9. Speak up without fear:  This doesn’t mean you should go and shout rubbish; instead, it means to be more vocal. Keeping quiet about problems or concerns or demands will never cure. These, in turn, creates more agony. Speak up and leave the rest to the listener. This ensures peace of mind and helps you focus on things of more importance. 

10. Find out Imperfection you can settle for: No one in this world is ever born perfect. To find out someone in life whose imperfections are fascinating for you. 

Happy New Year 2020!