The Importance of Simple Living During Quarantine | Habits in Quarantine

The Importance of Simple Living During Quarantine

All spiritual heads and many philosophers have emphasized simple living and high thinking during the Coronavirus pandemic. We have adopted this golden principle and achieved success in life. All saints and priests follow this principle. They live a simple life. Their desires are unlimited and needs are few but they always show kindness to human beings.

The Importance of Simple Living During Quarantine

Saint Vivekanand, Dayanand, Kabir, Tolstoy, Mahatma Gandhi, Vinoba Bhave, and many others believe in this principle and achieve the heights of greatness. But now the planet is changing in no time.

Old values are no longer cared for. Now greatness and success are measured by the yardstick which a wealthy one has. The main aim of life is to earn more and to live a  luxurious life. Simple living is no longer a moral of life. On the other hand, people spend a lot of money on things which they don’t need. Bungalows, dresses, jewelry and other modern gadgets are a status symbol. Going to parties and hotels are considered a high standard of living.

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To achieve all this people are becoming selfish, greedy, and adopting foul means to maintain a luxurious life. They have no fear, no manners, and no morals. High thinking has no value. People are almost always thinking about money. People exploit their own self-respect. The power of patriotism, selfless dedication to society, sacrifice and service are worthless words for them. Their only aim in life is to become rich at any cost. Many of us believe that ” obeying the law of straightforward life and high thinking is meaningless”.

But Quarantine has taught us the value of simple living and high thinking. During this pandemic, all the luxurious cars are parked in the garage. Hotels, restaurants, and malls are shut. People were so much busy in chasing the modern life that they have forgotten what simple living is. This virus has taught us that no amount of money can buy happiness and peace. We are spending quality time with family in home happily in this Quarantine.

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To be alive, we don’t need a luxurious life. If we have a roof, a meal of 2 times, some clothes and family with us, we are rich enough to survive in the world. Our ancestors were inhabited to live with whatever little things they had. They never chase the high standard trend. But our generation has forgotten to value the things which they have. But this pandemic has taught us something.

The rich are helping the poor in all possible ways. Doctors, police and government are trying their best to deal with this pandemic. Mother nature is healing in all possible ways. Animals are roaming freely. Cities are pollution-free and the sky is clear. The air quality is improving. And we realize that we need to control our emotions and actions in order to achieve big things.

So what will happen after this pandemic? Currently, we are living this simple life. Are we going to continue this life after the lock-down lifts up? Well, the question is easy but the answer is tough. People are in habit of expressing their love for high standards. We need to understand that real happiness can be achieved without luxury. When we can live this simple life during a pandemic, then why can’t we continue after lock-down gets over?

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The old saying still holds good and its importance as before people that practice it lead a peaceful and satisfied life. They continue to be faraway from all sins and do something for suffering humanity. Let us preach this golden rule in the modern world.