Tamil Movies Download Websites 2020

You are sitting at home on a long lazy weekend bored out of your mind, searching for Tamil movies Download Websites? What would be the first thing that comes to your mind on how to pass time?

Movies of course! What better way to pass time on a weekend than movies is it not? Most of us, however, would loathe the tedious process of going to the crowded theaters on a stuffy weekend or spending insane amounts of money in the process. But thank God for the internet!

These days we can pretty much find anything and everything on the web including movies and we can even download them onto our phones, tablets, laptops, and desktops to watch according to our convenience.

But the internet is a vast space and we often get lost in the process of searching for good websites to download movies. Our searches at best end up in the discovery of websites who would want us to fill out forms or at worst would lead us to spam sites.

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Either way, we will be lost and eventually frustrated to continue our searches. There are however many websites which would bring you the option of watching “online” along with the option of “Download” on the web.

But the problems with many of these websites are the poor quality of the video and the requirement of high-speed internet for a quick download. Downloading a movie from the web with low-speed internet can be painfully slow and equally tiring.

Tamil Movies Download Websites
There is also the trouble of the availability of free movies to download and the issue of the legality of downloading from the web. This brings us to the original problem of finding good resourceful websites from where we can download movies to our heart’s content.

If you are a Tamil movie lover and tired of surfing the net to watch a good movie, fret not!

Todaysera brings you a compilation of the best and most useful websites on the internet from where you could find and download Tamil movies of your liking at a good quality and without much hassle.

You can download Tamil movies and shows in the simplest manner without any expense. You do not have to deal with the tedious process of registration or sign-up and enjoy streaming or downloading without interruption from advertisements.

However, as users, you have to be aware of the content legality. Therefore users have advised discretion of the highest order while viewing and downloading content from any site.

The following is the list of some of the most amazingly simple websites to download or view new Tamil movies online;

Isaimini Tamil movies download

Isaimini is one of the most systematic and user-friendly sites where you can download and watch Tamil movies of your preference.

The most attractive feature of this site would be its systematic way of arranging a large collection of Tamil movies. The new Tamil movies released are sorted and arranged in specific folders which provide ease of access to the users.

The website also has a large collection of classic Tamil movies arranged in a user-friendly manner. Downloading video files does not require any kind of extra trouble like registration or sign-up and hence movies are basically a click or two away from your reach.

All you have to do is click on the folders of the kind of movie you are looking for, find and click on the movie and finally click on any of the numbers of download links available.

Thiruttuvcd Tamil Full Movie Download

Thiruttuvcd is yet another user-friendly website for downloading Tamil movies for free. The website gives you immediate and direct access to a list of new Tamil movies of 2017 so that you have the latest movies at your disposal.

There is also the list of menus where links are available for Tamil movies old and new. HD Tamil movies are available on this site for the complete viewing experience of the users. The large collection of movies is the major perk of this website.


Tamilrockers.co is another website which delivers old and new Tamil movies alike. This website is excellent at delivering the user the newest Tamil movies that can be downloaded using multiple links given on the website.

The variety available on the website doubles the possibility of finding functioning links to download HD quality Tamil movies for free without any kind of hassle. The website also offers free links to download Tamil dubbed movies.


Coolmoviez is another excellent website that brings you multiple links from where you could download movies of your preferences. The site provides you with 3GP files as well as files in MP4 format.

The latest Tamil movies with high-quality video can be downloaded from this website. The website is updated regularly to add the newest links so that the users would always have a source. Movies are also archived in alphabetical order for ease of access.

IMDB Tamil Movies 

This is yet another incredibly useful site for downloading Tamil movies. The sites let you stream movies online as well as download them according to your convenience.

It provides you HD quality entertainment free to stream and download at your will too. You can find the latest movies in Tamil using this website as it is updated regularly.

Amazon Prime Video Tamil Movies 

Amazon prime Tamil movies one of the simplest movie streaming websites on the net which allows you to stream Tamil movies in the most efficient manner.

You can enjoy watching Tamil movies of your preference in HD quality. This site gives you a wide collection of popular Tamil movies new and old alike under one roof for the ease of access of the users.

If you are not sated by Tamil movies the Internet also has space for TV shows of any genre you want. Your favorite reality shows, TV serials, and other such programs are available freely on the Internet.

There are websites that can be used to stream and download Tamil shows of your liking with a click of your mouse. These websites will bring you content from the tons of Tamil channels out there so that you won’t miss any of your favorite programs. Here are some of such websites;


We hope this list helped you get through a boring day and watch a good movie without the nuisance of taking the web to find good websites. These websites are user-friendly as well as rich in content.

However, it is imperative that the users fully understand the issue of copyright violation. The law has clear cut definitions on copyright. Viewing and streaming movies without proper copyright is considered illegal.

It is also worth noting that certain sites on the Internet can be harmful and can lead you to fraudulent websites which may trick users into giving their personal and financial details. So if you receive an alert of the website being harmful, it would be very wise to steer clear of it at all cost and avoid any visit to such sites.

If you are having trouble with accessing any of the websites or if it appears that any of the links are damaged feel free to leave your response in the feedback column below, we will remove them immediately!

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