Full Form of CO

CO Abbreviation has many full form:

CO: Commanding Officer

CO. – Company

Complete details on full form of CO And It’s Sources of Emission

CO: Carbon Monoxide

Carbon monoxide is one of the potential pollutants in the environment. It reacts with other gases and causes the formation of carcinogenic components in the atmosphere.

CO                                            Source: c1.staticflickr.com

Sources of Emission

Whenever we ignite any carbon-containing substances this gas is emitted in a tremendous amount. Few main sources of carbon monoxide emissions are :

1. Industries :

Industries are no doubt a symbol of development and modernization but these are one of the contributing factors in environmental pollution.

Industries release carbon in the form of fumes from chimneys which reacts with oxygen in the environment forming carbon monoxide.

2. Vehicles :

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As the population is increasing the number of vehicles on the roads are increasing in a proportionate manner. Vehicles emit carbon monoxide.

3. Fuel burning:

Reckless use of fossils and fuels for domestic and professional burning leads to carbon monoxide emission.

Other than these there are many other similar sources of carbon monoxide emission.

CO_1                                       Source: photojournal.jpl.nasa.gov

Affect of carbon monoxide on living biota

Carbon monoxide mixes with the hemoglobin of human blood and forms carboxyhemoglobin which reduces the oxygen carrying capacity of blood. This leads to severe disorders like Asthma, breathing problems and many more.

In plants, carbon monoxide causes a declaration of leaves and early fall. It also reduces the rate of photosynthesis by blocking the stomatal pores.

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