What Is The Full Form of PPT?

FInd below complete details on PPT full form  and Tricks for using It.

PPT: PowerPoint Presentation

It’s a product from Microsoft where you can assemble the different type of data and information.

How to use MS- PowerPoint

Microsoft PowerPoint is a software available in the Microsoft package. You can simply click on the application available in the MS office and use it.

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Once you click on the application things become self-explanatory. You can easily relate to the icons available on the front screen.

Full Form of PPT And Tricks For Using It

Hence, you can create pictures, shape, insert videos and do the required formatting and PowerPoint has got everything you need for an effective presentation.

One can also hide or secure his or her file from unauthorized access by setting a password.

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Tables, charts, graphs or shapes any kind of data can be easily presented with the help of MS-PowerPoint.

Text can also be modified in different patterns, shapes, and colors and Watermark is one of the unique features which enhances the main motive of your presentation on every slide of ppt.

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