What is full form of ABO?

There are the various full form of ABO, but mainly known as ABO – Blood Grouping System.

ABO has many other full forms too:

ABO – Annular Beam Oscillator
ABO – Air Breathing System
ABO – Adaptive Binary Optimization

What is ABO blood grouping system?

ABO blood grouping

Blood group testing is a very common medical procedure to but do you know what is actually done in blood group testing. Our blood consists of a pair of antigens.

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Each antigen pair produces an antibody for another blood group, therefore, there is a need to match the blood groups before the blood transfusion.

ABO Blood Grouping System


Blood groupAntigenAntibodyDonor


Rh factor is also tested before blood testing to avoid any chances of failure in blood transfusion process.

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On the basis of this grouping blood group O individuals are universal donors and blood group AB are universal acceptors.

Mismatched blood transfusions can lead to severe complexities ultimately leading to death.

Few mild symptoms of erroneous blood transfusions are itching, hives, wheezing, and fever.

Severe reactions are an anaphylactic shock.

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