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What is the full form of ABS

ABS Full Form: Anti-lock Braking System

Let’s read more about Anti-lock braking system(ABS).
An anti skid braking system is what we all know today as the ABS system i.e.-anti-lock braking system. It is used in air and land vehicles alike.

This system m is unique in the sense that it prevents the locking of the motion of the wheels of the vehicle which in turn maintains contact of the wheels with the driving surface.

It is an automatic braking system which works on cadence and threshold braking principles. These systems were already in practice by the pro drivers. It is a fast and highly efficient method.

The phenomenon was introduced in the 1950s. In the year 1920, Gabriel Voisin experimented with various braking systems to avoid aircraft tire slippage. He worked with various hydraulic pressures. Under testing, he was able to achieve 30% efficiency in the system. His experiments reduced the risks of burned or burst tires.

Dunlop Maxaret Anti-skid system was in wide application in aviation industry by the early 1950s. this type of engine reduced the braking distance by 30% in wet or slippery conditions, increased the life of the tire.
Fully electronic anti-lock braking system could only be developed by the late 1960s. it was put in use for Concorde aircraft.

A three-channel, four sensor all wheel, fully computerized system was developed by 1971. It was known as the sure ‘brake system’. Later a ‘sure track’ system was developed and implemented by Ford. Nissan a Japanese company offered an electro anti-lock system which was developed by another Japanese company Denso.

By the year 1982 Honda had introduced multi-channel anti-locking brakes. Thus, the new ABS became the new standard. In 1993, anti lock brakes and airbags on all vehicles as a part of safety were provided by Lincoln.

The controller for the braking system is known as the CAB(controller Anti-lock Brake). In general the braking system includes an electronic controller, speed sensors for each wheel and hydraulic valves.

The electronic controller is the main thinking region of the system. It keeps a check on the speed of each wheel and the hydraulic pressure in the valves of the braking system.

If a fault is generated in any function of the ABS, a light is illuminated at the main control of the car. Modern electronic stability systems are a hybrid system of the ABS. under this system 2 more sensors are added to the system.

The speed sensors are an important part of the ABS. it controls the acceleration and deacceleration of the wheels. It works on the principle of fluctuations in the magnetic field while a wheel rotates.

There is one valve in each brake line system. It has three positions and each state depicts different positions of the master cylinder. Clogged valves pose a big problem. Due to a clogged valve, modulation and control of pressure becomes difficult.

A pump in ABS is used to restore the pressure of the braking system. The controller regulates the state of pump to regulate the pressure in the braking cylinder.
A controller receives all the information and acts accordingly. If the traction is lost, the controller then limits the brake force and activates the ABS modulator.

Under ABS a wheel May stop under 5 seconds from 96.6kmph. whereas it takes less than a second when the wheel gets locked.

ABS reduces the pressure of the brakes to avoid large amount of deceleration. The wheels are made to decelerate at the same rate as the deceleration of the car.

This provides the car with the maximum amount of braking power. This removes the need to increase or decrease the brake pressure manually. A pulsing is experienced by the driver when ABS is triggered.

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