66 Best Ways To Make Your Partner Feel Loved In A Relationship

“A true relationship is two imperfect people refusing to give up on each other”

Love is something elusive that we keep searching for all through our lives. Finally, when we meet the person of our dreams and begin a journey together, it seems like utter bliss. However, in this fast paced world it often becomes difficult to hold on to the one forever.

Being in a relationship requires lots of time and energy. Once the initial months of lovesickness are over, the going gets tough and we tend to lose patience easily. Though maintaining a happy relationship or marriage is complicated, it is one of the most rewarding feelings you will ever experience.  Keeping on loving your partner even after spending many years with them, is indeed an art . 

64 Small Acts That Make Your Partner Feel Loved In A Relationship-min

In relationships, love is a mutual phenomenon that involves the equal participation of both involved parties .The husband needs to know how to love your wife  and at the same time  the female needs  to know how to express her love for her husband.

Love is always a balanced thing to feel and express. It’s actually the little things that makes your partner feel truly loved and appreciated. 

Here are 66 small, thoughtful ideas that can make your spouse feel loved and valued in life:

  1. No matter how many years into marriage you have been, it is always important to say “I Love you” whenever you get a chance.
  2. When you open your eyes in the morning ,make it a ritual to kiss your spouse.  It does not matter if your partner is sleeping, a small kiss on lips can make your relationship even stronger.
  3. Cooking together could give you the boost in life; kitchen should never be only for the women of the house.
  4. Do not forget to fold your hand in front of God every day with your partner, and pray for each other. 
  5. The husband does help with household, it will lighten up your wife’s burden and she will fall for you every single day, remember if you can’t help at least ask her what can you do to help her out, women’s are always sensitive, she surely will notice how caring you are.
  6. Make her/his favorite restaurant recipe at home.
  7. Write “I love you” note in the lunch box while packing up the lunch, trust me he will love the surprise.
  8. No matter who ever does a mistake, quickly apologizes, because how fast you bounce back from fights and argue that is actually important.
  9. Holding hand in public also can make your wife special.
  10. Never forget to say “thank you” always acknowledge the little things your partner does for you.
  11. Give encouraging words of affirmation on really tough days at work.
  12. Plan a surprise candle light dinner date.
  13. Let your partner have his / her way occasionally without a fuss.
  14. It’s not necessary to win every argument, Let him/her win an argument even after knowing it well that your point is valid.
  15. Read books together.
  16. Give your partner a foot rub.
  17. Call your partner every single day just for asking whether he/she has taken lunch or not.
  18. Seek to do at least one nice thing or random act of kindness for your partner each day.
  19. Give your partner back massage.
  20. Plan for weekends.
  21. Give a little space to your partner.
  22. Try to develop a secret code for “I love you so much” and use it in public, when you cannot say it publicly.
  23. Watch a romantic movie together with holding your partner’s hand.
  24. Go for the random walk after taking dinner.
  25. Try an activity that neither one of you are familiar with or have ever tried.
  26. As a couple creates goals together, for the betterment of your relation.
  27. Skip work together sometimes just be-be at home with each other to spend quality time together.
  28. Make eye contact when the two of you are talking.
  29. Run a hot bubble bath complete with candles and soft music–just for him/her and allow your partner to soak as long as he/she desires.
  30. Sometimes read a book together.
  31. Watch your partner’s favorite show, or matches with them and be genuinely interested bit by bit
  32. Help your spouse to cook breakfast.
  33. Watch cricket together, even if you are not at all interested, vice a verse watch cooking or beauty show together.
  34. Take a Zumba class together.
  35. Play chess or carom board game together.
  36. Share your dreams with each- other.
  37. Doing each other’s hair could be really fun sometimes, this will make you closer.
  38. Wear matching dress sometimes while going for an outing.
  39. Things which is unplanned always feeds in memory, so takes the vacation together without planning.
  40. Shop for one another especially clothes.
  41. Volunteer alone is not fun at all, so do it together.
  42. Take mingled decisions.
  43. Go for a bike ride together.
  44. Kiss each other when one is leaving for the day.
  45. Write hand written love letter occasionally and keep them in a safe place.
  46. Always try to keep at least one of your spouse’s favorite snacks on hand at all times.
  47. Let your partner sleep a little more on weekends.
  48. Let him do her makeup and let her give him a shave.
  49. Sometimes make bed tea for your spouse.
  50. Tell your spouse that he/she is looking hot.
  51. Make a sudden plan for the night show the romantic movie while returning from the workplace.
  52. Ask your partner what makes him/her feel the most special and happy and then try to do it.
  53. Call your partner in the without any reason just to say “I love you”.
  54. Try to write him/her a sweet note in steam in the mirror while he/she showers.
  55. Compliment her for her special qualities and be specific.
  56. Winning is not always important, admit your mistakes, and ask for forgiveness.
  57. Always respect each other’s, parent.
  58. Defend her to others, especially to your family.
  59. Be supportive to each other and help to achieve each other’s goals.
  60. Give her your undivided attention at least once a day.
  61. When your partner says I need to discuss something, no matter how silly it is, leave all important work aside and give attention.
  62. Never argue over money, it will damage your relationship.
  63. Most important is to Build trust into your relationship.
  64. Always Include your spouse when you make plans.
  65. When your spouse is enthusiastic over something you too show your eagerness.
  66. Girls/women can take latest fashions trends ideas to show they are attractive.

Remember this is not ruled or guideline which you have to follow, yes, it could give and suggest you few ideas. as every relationship is unique only you can decide or understand what your partner loves and likes, so get set ready and make your relationship more beautiful than ever.

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