Best Japanese Quotes About Love, Wisdom and Marriage


Best Japanese Quotes About Love, Wisdom and Marriage

The most important thing is not the big thing that others have thought of, but the little thing that you yourself came to … 

Own small victories in life play a greater role than someone’s great achievements. 

No matter how old you really are, it matters how you feel. 

If you read the same things as the others, you will begin to think like everyone else. 

Never lose your individuality and follow your preferences. 

Memory warms the person from the inside. And at the same time, it tears them apart. 

In memory, you need to save only those moments that will warm the soul and not those that will torment it. 

Happiness is the same for everyone, but each person is unhappy in their own way. 

Some are happy because they of the fact they exist, and others will be quite angry because of it. 

I used to think people grow up from year to year, gradually becoming smarter … But it is not the caseA person grows up instantly. 

One event can make an adult out of a child. 

Schools are arranged in a particular way. The most important thing that we learn in school is that all the most important things cannot be found there. 

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Only formalities are taught in school, life itself teaches the art of living … 

Do not pay attention to people that surround you if you think that happiness is in reach, do not just wait and grab onto it. I will always regret the moments of lost opportunities, I will always remember the happiness that I’ve lost, you only have one shot at this life, make it count. 

It is necessary to catch the moment when you can become happy because happiness can be eternal. 

The most successful people are those that believe in their abilities from the very beginning. 

Mistakes are punctuation marks for life, without which, as in the text, life wouldn’t make sense. 

Mistakes are given in order to teach us something. 

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Demand a minimum of life, then you will not be disappointed. 

There is no need for extra acquaintances, but there must be those who will bring joy and pleasure, not disappointments. 

It feels like thanks to the fact that I’ve met you, I was able to love this world a little bit more than I did. 

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One person is able to decorate this world and teach us to enjoy life. 

The world is spacious, it is filled with amazing things and strange people. Yet there seem to be more strange people than amazing things. 

Sit down, think, calm down, at the very least, sympathize with yourself, but by no means regret an action that you’ve made. 

Our life cannot be measured with a ruler and it doesn’t follow any laws of science. 

Some events are not that difficult to measure, they are almost impossible to describe. 

Being honest with each other and having a desire to help the people you love is the most important thing in this world. Only a few know about it, everyone thinks that the main goal in life is to get rich and powerful. 

There is no justice in this world. It’s not my fault, it’s just the way it goes. 

If I relax now, I will crumble to pieces. From the very beginning, I lived like this, and now I can only live this way. Once I relax  I will never be able to come backI will be lost. 

It is necessary to talk about your feelings, to release them to othersYou must not be silent. Otherwise, they will accumulate and harden inside. They are true cancer in life. 

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I hated school to death, this is why I never missed a single class. I thought to myself that there would be no end after just one missed class, it would just be a downward spiral. 

Sometimes it becomes unbearably sad for me, but in general, life goes on as usual. There is no life without sadness. 

A man’s death gives way to small and amazing memories. First, there is a pain, then sorrow, but then, only memories remain 

Only unreliable memories or unreliable thoughts can be confined in such an unreliable vessel as text on a piece of paper. 

If you doubt something, put it all on paper and see how it looks … 

When you love someone, you are looking for something that you don’t have. Therefore, when you think about a loved one, it is always hard. As if you are entering a room in which you have not been for a very long time that is painfully dear to you. 

Love is not only joy but also pain, it can be not only from separation but also from the feeling of love themselves. v