What Is The Full Form of BP?

Complete details on full form of BP and how to measure BP.

BP: Blood pressure

What is Blood Pressure?

Our body consists of several vessels which carry blood. When blood flows through these vessels it exerts a certain amount of pressure, this pressure experienced by the walls of blood vessels during the circulation is called blood pressure.

Full of BP in Hindi: रक्त चाप

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How we measure BP?

Blood pressure denotes the top number and the bottom number which in turn describe the rate and amount of blood being pumped by the heart in a certain duration.

Top number:

Systolic blood pressure

Whenever pumping is done your heart undergoes contraction and pushes blood through the blood vessels called arteries. This is systolic blood pressure. Normal systolic blood pressure is below 120.

When you get the reading above 120 you are prone to high blood pressure.

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Bottom number:

Diastolic blood pressure

This is the pressure on the walls of blood vessels when the heart is in a relaxed state. In this state, the heart is at rest and it derives oxygen.

A normal diastolic blood pressure is 80 and above 80 is high blood pressure.

Normal blood pressure is 120/80.

Hence, if your blood pressure deviates to a large extent from this standard value then you are susceptible to high or low blood pressure and you need to consult a doctor to avoid any serious consequences later on.

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