What Is The Full Form of ECG?

Do you want to know the full form of ECG? Why it is conducted in hospitals & in our homes. Actually, it is a test from which, we can find out our heart electrical activity. Also, we can check high blood pressure, heart pain from ECG. Let’s Check Below for ECG full form and Its Working.

ECG : Electrocardiograph

ECG full form is Electrocardiogram. Ever wondered about the machine in hospitals which regularly peeps and suddenly stops when the patient undergoes a cardiac arrest.

This peep sound reflects the rate of heartbeat. It gives a graphical representation of the heart activity.

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Heart, as we all know is a blood pumping unit of our body and there are two kinds of activities which guard pumping of blood via different chambers of the human heart.

Systole (contraction) and Diastole (relaxation) are two conditions in atria and ventricles of heart which are responsible for pumping of blood. [Atria and ventricles are chambers of human heart].

Full Form of ECG And Its Working                                          Source: https://pixabay.com

When a patient is susceptible to any cardiac disorder 3 electrical leads are connected to the body for monitoring the rate of systole and diastole.

For very sensitive monitoring multiple leads are attached to the chest region.

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The electrocardiogram has peaks ranging from symbol ‘P’ to T’.

P: electrical excitation or depolarization of atria.

QRS: Contraction of ventricles

T: Return of ventricles from excited to a normal state.

Termination of T wave marks the end of systole.

While counting the number of QRS complex in a set time period one can figure out the heartbeat rate.

Whenever the shape of Electrocardiogram varies from normal standard it indicates abnormality or disease.

Hence, an electrocardiogram is of great significance in clinical cardiac testing.

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