What is the full form of DNA?

Do you know what is the full form of DNA?

DNA Full form: Deoxyribonucleic Acid

DNA: Definition { General Overview}

DNA is the basic unit of life. It is like a vessel which carries information from one generation to another. DNA is chemically composed of deoxyribose sugar and nucleic acid.

It requires huge energy and intricate procedures within the human body to synthesize DNA. It is the most stable entity to inherit the traits from parent to progeny.

DNA Full formin Hindi: डीऑक्सीराइबो न्यूक्लिक अम्ल

The conformational configuration of DNA is composed of the double helix. This helix has purines and pyrimidines in its configuration. The bonding is the strong hydrogen bond.

Adenine, guanine, thymine, and cytosine are base pairs comprising the basic B-DNA structure. There are many other forms of DNA including A-DNA, C-DNA and many more.

DNA testing is a principle procedure involved in forensic science in different places. DNA fingerprinting is the method used for paternity testing, criminal case detection and many more.

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DNA has the quality of being stable in an unfavorable condition. This quality of DNA has made it efficient as the genetic material. In the detection of the evolutionary patterns, DNA study has been one of the most crucial portions.

DNA Blood Test

DNA blood test is used for testing the paternity. In general, procedures involve testing the father’s blood or tissue sample.

The tissue is collected from the child as well. Both of the tissues are processed via blotting and finally, a DNA radiogram is obtained.

This radiogram is then compared and if the radiogram matches with each other then the paternity test is positive. The test has an accuracy of around 90-100%.

DNA Testing: 9 Common Uses

  • Archaeologist: Archaeologist uses DNA as the connecting link between members of the same family tree. DNA of the sample collected is matched with the sample being tested. Then the link is established between members of the family and sample is identified. DNA libraries created to compare and identify the newly collected samples.
  • Ancestry testing: Ancestry lines are used to create family trees. Family trees are the helpful diagnosis of a disease. Early identification helps in preventing the ill effects of the disease at the later levels.
  • Foetus health checkup: DNA is the source of genetic characters can be used as tracing entity of disease. Any disease which can occur in the developing Foetus at premature level can be detected using DNA.
  • Criminal investigations: DNA testing is used for the criminal investigations. With increasing cunningness of criminals, DNA testing has emerged as the new way to check the past records of criminals in severe crimes. This is widely used to track history and identifying the suspected criminal.
  • To establish new links: Scientist is conducting experiments to check the origin of life on another planet. DNA libraries across the world are the vital source of information to establish links.
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DNA is another name for life. It’s a tool to set up relations among the present, past and future generations. Its key link connecting the families.

It has the wide range of implications in identifying diseases, setting evolutionary patterns. It helps in predicting future possibilities of evolutions.

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