Lipstick Under My Burkha Movie Review

Let’s read Lipstick Under My Burkha Movie Review:

Runtime:  117 minutes

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Cast :

Ratna Pathak

Plabita Borthakur.

Konkona Sen Sharma.

Aahana Kumar

Shashank Arora.

Sushant Singh.

Vikrant messy.

Santosh Kumar.

Vaibhav Tatwawdi.

Akash Sisodia.

Director :  Alankrita Srivastava and prakash jha.

In the vicinity of the society lies a hidden desire to achieve basic freedom. In this so called women’s era. Still, a section remains unaffected from the blues of modern high society women freedom norms.

After 65 -70 years of freedom we claim ourselves free with all rights. But do we ever hear the cries and silence of the suppressed desires of the section called women?

“Lipstick under my burka ‘’ is an attempt to make those cries louder and audible. It’s a story of four women and their hidden hunger of freedom. Freedom not over anybody else but over themselves.

Today when we look at the society everything seems very normal. In the small towns where a woman cooks and serves herself from her skills to her body, everything seems happy.

The movie completely relates to the fact that in small towns and cities under the burkhas and veils women are still not free.  The patriarchal dominance is so much absorbed that it engulfs basic rights to openly speak your mind, to live, to laugh, to get angry and to have sex.

In short, a woman doesn’t own herself. It can be concluded that she is a liability initially and after marriage becomes an asset for the dominant husband who can exploit her body, her skill and her soul in any possible way.

Each role in the movie justifies the condition of women in small town. While watching the movie every women will surely relate somewhere to any of the characters.

Rihana (plabita) seeks wings to fly to achieve her dreams. But she is strongly held in the stingy narrow guidelines of her family. These guidelines make her frustrated and she chooses to rebel.

Leela (aahana) a beautician is on the verge of getting married.  A marriage which will make her story similar to other women around her. The story of serving food in the daytime and pleasing husband at night. She wishes to escape and pursue her dreams to own herself.

Shireen (Konkona ) is a house wife. She is smart and seeks a professional life. But her so called husband is the obstacle which scares her. She seeks ways to get over her husband’s dominance and egoism. To own herself. To be the way she wants.

Rosy/Usha (Ratna Pathak). This character is the most colorful character. The lady in her old age gets allured by a young swimming trainer. With all those hot shot novels and lingering phone conversations, buaji has many hidden fantasies.

Strong acting and fine direction had made this movie a masterpiece in itself. The topics under consideration are presented with utmost modesty without the unnecessary hike in dialogue.

All the characters reveal a hidden aspect of women’s liberalization and freedom. Each of them will make you think if it happened to you too?

The entire movie deals with the present situation of Indian women who are still fighting for freedom in this free country.  It’s a fun plus critical watch movie.

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