What is the full form of HTTP?

HTTP: Hyper Text Transfer Protocol

Https stands for hypertext transfer protocol. It is used for data communication on the world wide web(WWW).

Incubated at CERN by Tim Berners Lee this is the language for data communication over the internet.

It’s a  client consumer language to transfer data across the network.  It is used in both in standard internet protocol suite and open model.

Internet protocol suite comprises TCP /IP protocol. These are necessary to transfer the data across the network.

One of them breaks the data into several packages and the other one combines the broken data into readable form at receiving end.

http full form

History of HTTP:

The term hypertext is the brainchild of Ted Nelson. The ever created first version of HTTP  was HTTP V0.9 The present successor of this version is HTTP /2. It’s one of the most supported and used by the variety of web servers.

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Thus, in other words, we can say that it is the backbone of every data being shared or displayed over the internet.

First ever documented version of HTTP was HTTP V0.9.

HTTP session

The series of request and response is what forms HTTP session.  The data at the sending end is broken using TCP ( transmission control protocol).

At the receiving end, it is once again recollected and finally delivered in its original form. Here IP is involved in the process.

Other similar protocols like HTTP are as follows :

  1. TCP/IP ( transfer control protocol/ internet protocol).
  2. Mail protocol pop3 and SMTP( simple mail transfer protocol).


  1. FTP( file transfer protocol).
  2. HTML( hypertext transfer protocol).
  3. UDP (user datagram protocol )
  • ICMP ( internet control message protocol)

Message format in HTTP.

Request message format :

  • Request header fields.
  • An empty line.
  • A request line.
  • An optional message body.

Response message format:

  1. An empty line.
  2. The status line containing reason message and status code.Response header field.
  1. An optional message body.

Thus HTTP becomes the heart of data communication over the variety of networks across the globe.

As human require language to communicate, similarly computers also need certain communication medium.

These protocols provide the language for communication over the internet.

The standard defined methods for inter and intra interaction are protocols. These are the guidelines for easy and faster transmission.

With newer technology and faster technological advancement, there will be more advanced and improved protocols.

These will surely change the way information is being shared and communicated over networks.

Similar sounding tags: HTTPS, HTML, TCP, IP etc.


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