150 Foody Ways to Help Digestion

“The World revolves around hunger.”

If we introspect the hidden meaning behind these lines then it may be possible to find millions of meanings but in general.

The most treacherous necessity to live happy and healthy life because each of us is what we consume or eat.One of the most treacherous necessity to live happy and healthy life because each of us is what we consume or eat.

          150 Foody Ways to Help Digestion

So here we bring you few healthy easily digested foods, which will make your body metabolism and regulation healthy, perfect and your life happy and tasty as delicious food.

Let’s read about some foods which are good for digestion.

Ayurveda based dishes

Ambali:  Ambali is an endemic dish of Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, and Kerala.
• It’s consumed with buttermilk for taste.
• It’s cold in nature and hence well suited for summers.
• It’s made of millet flour and water by the fermentation process.
• Ambali is a food good for digestion because:
• It contains the high level of calcium and low starch.

• It’s well suited for elderly people.


• It’s also a kind of fermented Ayurveda based food good for digestion.
• It’s nonsalted and has special soothing stickiness and flavor.
• It’s a kind of soybean product and is a daily dose of people in Manipur.
• Nutritional Value

• It is rich in proteins and high in fibers and thus is well suited for all age groups.

Enduring Pitha

• It’s the specialty of the prathamastami festival in Odisha.
• It’s made out of black gram and half cooked rice, these fermented and cakes a formed out of this mixture. Then it’s wrapped in the leaf and steamed.
• Curd, sugar and other ingredients ca add in order to enhance the taste.
• Nutritional value

• The use of turmeric leaves, curd, and black gram, improves immunity.


This is another unique kind of Ayurveda based dish which is good for digestion and health as it’s made by a special technique called popping.

• A severe heat treatment which improvises the aroma and flavor decreases the harming factors in food and increases the solubility of called popping.
• This dish made by popping of finger millets.
• Nutritional value
• Contains high reducing sugar content and high amylase which helps in starch digestion.

• Finger millets contain iron and zinc hence good for people prone to anemia.


• It’s again a spectacular ringed fermented food.
• Made out of rice. An endemic variety of rice in Darjeeling and Sikkim.
• It’s a confectionary item and contains many nuts, cardamom, clove and much more.
Nutritional value
• Due to rich use of nuts and milk in kneading the dough, the food is rich in proteins and contains good bacteria to improve your gut.
Foods for Digestion Image Source: mindbodygreen.stfi.re
• It’s probiotic dish in Vadodara and Gujarat.
• Made by the fermentation process.
• The fermented batter has the high quantity of antioxidants.
• Fluffy, soft spongy dhokla is one of the best food good for digestion.
• Nutritional value
• Antioxidants prevent aging and related problems.

• Good for those who cannot intake free fatty acid (diabetic patients.)

Bale Dandy Palya

• Food which cooks from the banana stem is what constitutes this dish.
• The stem is chopped and mixed with traditional Indian masalas and coconut and served with idli and dosa in general.
• consumed in Karnataka and Tamil Nadu.
• Nutritional value
• Good for digestion.

• Good for diabetic patients.

Vazhai Poo Pariyal

• It’s a dish made from flowers of the banana plant, after removing the inedible parts like pistil, calyx, and scales.
• This cooks in water and garnished with coconut.
Nutritional value
• The dish has substances which make heart healthy.
• Good for digestion.

Source: Youtube (UndergroundWellness Channel)
• Fruits and seeds are the edible parts of jackfruit.
• Ancient fruit of Southeast Asia.
• consumed as a fruit or used in other dishes.
• Nutritional value
• Contains carotenoids, antioxidants, and phytonutrients.

• It’s a digested food and helps in curing digestive tract malfunctions.

• A beverage made out of bael pulp.
• It’s a kind of wild fruit.
• The fruit worshiped in Hinduism.
• Nutritional value
• Partial ripened bail fruit contains antimicrobial agents.
• Angeline is an alkaloid in the leaf of bael which as a dietary supplement.
• Also used for medicinal purposes.

Mango Pachadi
• It’s a Tamil new year dish.
• The taste is tangy and the cocktail of sweet, salty, hot and bitter.
• Mangoes boiled and made in slices.
• Then these seasoned with chili, turmeric, mustard.
• Nutritional value
• Mangiferin is an antioxidant which prevents aging and also helps in improving digestion.
• Also, helps in overcoming degenerative diseases.

Monkey Jack

• It’s an underutilized fruit.
• Papad, juice, and juices synthesized out of monkey jack in Central western ghats of Karnataka.
• Monkey jackfruit powder is also made and consumed after dinner for good digestion.
• Nutritional value
• Used in medicines in curing digestion-related disorders.

• Good source of iron.


• Juice of this fruit is of great significance in improving health.
• Taste is sweet.
• Nutritional value
• Contains phytochemicals.
• All the parts of jamun, including leaf, bark seed, and pulp used in curing ailments like diabetes, allergies and gastric ulcer.

• Jamun juice serves in Ayurveda for curing digestive ailments.

Mango Peel Chutney

• Mango peel seasoned with mustard, chilly, fenugreek seed, black pepper, and turmeric to make a tasty chutney or sauce.
• Nutritional value
• Peel is rich in bioactive substances, dietary fibers, vitamin c, vitamin e, and carotenoids.

• Helps in easy digestion.


• All the parts of papaya utilized to make something useful in curing something or maintaining health level.
• Papaya seed juices .prepared.
• consumed as a fruit.
• Nutritional value
• Papaya latex serves in curing dyspepsia.

• Ripe seeds and leaves serve in curing piles, enlarged liver, and jaundice.

Bitter Gourd

• It’s vegetable named as ‘karela’ and several dishes like bharwan karela is a famous eatery made from the bitter gourd.
• Even juice of bitter gourd consumed several places.
• Nutritional value
• It’s anti-diabetic.
• Purified blood, due to bitterness.

• Helps in digestion.

Papaya Salad

• A famous dish of Saurashtra in Gujarat.
• In preparation Grated papaya mixed with seasoning like coriander, and chilli.
• Nutritional value
• Young leaves of papaya used in curing jaundice.

• Also used for curing chronic diarrhea.

Spinach Roti

• Spinach boiled and kneaded along with the wheat flour and soft dough prepared and chapatis or tortillas made and roasted.
• Nutritional value
• Good source of iron.
• Good for strong build up in menstruation and pregnancy.

• Helps in easy digestion.

Basle Soppu Palya

• It is consumed in Karnataka.
• The dish prepared from the leaves of Basella alba plant.
• The leaves cooked with beans and served with tortillas.

• This dish is good for digestion.

Nutritional value

• Leaves are rich in vitamin A, vitamin C, Calcium, folic acid.

• A flavonoid called kaempferol is present in leaves which cure mouth ulcers and stomach problems and has the cooling effect on the body.


• It’s a dish made out of rayo- sag ,mustard, and cauliflower.
• It’s made by fermentation followed by drying.
• Nutritional value
• Gundruk has the great amount of anticarcinogen, carotene, ascorbic acid and lactic acid.

• It’s a good appetizer.


• Leafy vegetables like basella, mustard leaf, collard greens, spinach and bathua used in making saag in northeast India.
• Salt and spices along with radish, ginger, and tomato added while cooking.
• Served with tortillas.
• Nutritional value

• Contains the high level of vitamins and minerals.

Mulai Keerai Masail

• It’s a breakfast dish in Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu.
• The dish made out of amaranth leaf.
• The preparation method is more or less similar to saag the leaves soaked and boiled and finally seasoned with traditional spices.
• Nutritional value
• The leaves are the good source of oxalic acid.
• Best breakfast meal for kidney stones patients.
• It’s a north Indian desert.
• It’s made out of milk pearl millet.
• It’s an affordable and health friendly desert for diabetic patients.
• Nutritional Value
• Cereal used has the low glycemic index which controls the noninsulin dependent diabetes mellitus.

• Cures constipation.


• Fermented milk product.
• Used in many dishes to add sourness and taste to dishes.
• Nutritional value
• Contains the high level of b-complex vitamins, folic acid, and riboflavin.
• Boosts the good bacteria levels.

• Improves digestion.


• It’s a colostrum dish.
• It’s prepared from milk obtained after cow’s calving. The milk is thick and increases immunity.
• Prepared by mixing the colostrum with the normal milk and then adding jaggery and cardamom.
• Nutritional value
• Colostrum has the high level of immunoglobulin, lactoferrin, vitamin A, and proteins.

• Good for immunity and digestion.


• After the churning of butter, the leftover lvent part called buttermilk.
• Buttermilk is often good appetizer.
• Nutritional value
• Rich source of protein.
• Contains low level of fat.
• Improves appetite.

• Improves digestion.


• This is yet another dish made from dahi.
• It’s often churned with sugar, chilies, salt and other spices to enhance the taste.
• Nutritional value
• Contains the high level of good bacteria.
• Prevents sunstroke.

• Cures digestive ailments.


• It’s another sweet dish prepared via heating and acid coagulation.
• It has a special significance in the Bengali sweet culture.
• Studies are being made to incorporate herbs in Sandesh to make it more healthy.
• Nutritional value
• Contains vitaminA.

• Improves digestion.

Bathua Paratha

• It’s a breakfast eatery and it’s made by kneading bathua which is a kind of leafy vegetable with flour.
• Spices like chili powder, salt, asafetida added as the taste enhancer.
• Nutritional value
• Used in curing the hookworm and roundworm infection.
• Prevents constipation.

• It’s a food good for digestion.


• Sprouts are often added with spices and eaten in place of salad in certain parts of India.
• Nutritional Value
• Rich in protein.
• Improves physique and digestion.

When you enter in Thailand, food is the most exotic experience to relish. Few Thai food that helps digestion are:

Som Tam

• It’s a kind of vegetable and crab salad.
• Brown sugar and fish sauce form the tasty base of this dish.
• Nutritional value
• This dish for people who prefer light tasty and healthy diet.
• Contains high sodium.

• Less sugar.

Pad Pak

• Mushroom, cauliflower and few endemic veggies of Thailand to make pak pad.
• Soy sauce and palm sugar added as the taste enhancer.
• It’s flexible kind of dish whose ingredients can vary as per the taste.
• Nutritional value

• Excess use of veggies and palm sugar make this the best food for digestion.

Ya ma Maung

• It’s healthier than any other Thai dish and consuming it will make you experience the guilt-free diet without any health loss.
• It’s a kind of salad made out of carrots, green mango, and fresh lime.
• Nutritional value
• Appetizer.

• Improves digestion.

Pak pad bung Fai Daeng

• This dish is again, in turn, a salad dish and it’s a morning breakfast salad.
• Cooked in oyster oil.
• Nutritional value
• High in sodium.
Thai fruit
• There are the much endemic variety of Thai fruits available which make your health more improved.

• These are available in the local market of ‘soi’, a city in Thailand.

Gai pad med Mamung

• It’s a dinner or lunch main course dish.
• It’s fried but still, it’s healthy.
• It contains chicken with cashew nuts.
• It can be very tempting at times.
• Nutritional value

• Rich in vitamins and minerals.

Yam talay
• It’s a seafood salad.
• It may have, shrimp, crabmeat, scallops, and mussels.
• Nutritional value
• Contains all nutrients from seafood.
• Bodybuilding food.
• It’s a soup.
• It ‘s a hot and sour soup.
• Often shrimp used.
• Nutritional value
• Low fat.
• High protein.

• digestible.

Khao Man Gai

• It’s a cheap local dish of Thailand.
• It’s served with hot and spicy sauce
• It’s filling.
• It’s a chicken and rice dish.
• Nutritional value
• It has plenty of protein
• It has plenty of carbohydrates.

• Improves digestion.

South Indian cuisine


• It’s a special steamed rice cake dish in south India.
• It’s served with sambhar made out of toor dal and veggies like pumpkin, gourd , tomato and brinjal.
• Special chutney of coconut and curd is also served along with the idli.
• Nutritional value
• Due to the tremendous use of grams the protein content is high.
• Its simple flavors make it light and digestible.

•It’s low in fat.


• This is a special kind of stuffed tortilla in the south India.
• It’s made out of the same batter used for making idli but the method is different.
• Unlike steaming of idli, this cooked of large tawa by spreading the batter and then roasting it.
• Stuffing’s of dosa can vary from potatoes to paneer.
• Nutritional value
• Low in fat.
• High in protein.
• Light

• digestible.


• This is another blockbuster dish in south India.
• It’s a thick pancake.
• The pancake has toppings all over it and gives the look of a desi pizza.
• Nutritional value
• Light.
• Low in fats.
• Rich in protein and vitamins.
• Low in bad cholesterol.

• digestible.

Other than these there are many other food items which can help in improving your digestion. These are as follows:

• Kapha
• Herbal rice drink.
• Halu kashanya
• Jaljira
• Nannari sharbat.
• Tambuli
• Ondelaga ch
• Neem chutney
• Cauliflower
• Flax
• Acacia
• Fermented foods.
• Kombusha
• Kefir water
• Coconut kefir
• Celery
• Wheat grasd
• Asparagus
• Oregano
• Blueberries
• Lean beef
• Pomegranate
• Trapa
• Urad
• Moong
• Peanuts
• Maroor
• Bamboo shoot curry.
• Krove hitter
• Tikhur barfi
• Bakhar
• Amla
• Khicheri
• Shrikhand
• Vangi batata
• Khandvi
• Sukvani
• Gunda
• Chundo
• Undhiyoo
• Bassondi
• Khaman
• Trevti dal
• Dal dhokli
Some other specialties of Thai cuisine;
• Kaeng liang pak ruam
• Gai yang
• Satay gai
• Pla nueng mana
• Namphrik
• Gaena pah curries
• Larb gai
• Rose apples
• Pometo
• Rambutan
• DurDurians
Some food items which keep your health and body in shape:
• Chicken breast
• Brown rice
• Salmon
• Banana
• Oat meal
• Sprouted chana (black chana)
• Eggs
• Coconut
• Avocado
• Fruits
• Gelatin
• Apple pie
• Poha
• Upma
• Whistle cutlet(sprout snack)
• Roasted nuts
• Toast
• Peanut butter
• Beetroot
• Potatoes
• Spinach
• Cod liver oil
• Kiwi
• Moongdal khichri
• Cucumber and rice
• Vegetable soup
• Wheat raab
• Makhana
• Toned dairy products
• Berries
• Herbal tea
• Dark kidney beans
• Tofu
• Red wine
• Broccoli
• Mushroom
• Coffees
• Sardines
• Walnut
• Chia seeds
• Blueberries
• Soy milk
• Chocolate
• Raisins
• Brussels sprout
• Grapefruit
• Yam

• Olive oil

So above are all the food which cure your digestive system related problems and make your digestion easy and your body light and healthy.

So switch over a healthy and digestible diet to get over all your digestive ailments.

All around the world, food forms the crucial part of life thus it’s necessary to eat healthy to make life happier and easier.

“Food for the body is not enough there must be food for soul”

So eat your soul and have good digestion.

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