6 Enthralling Sites For The Real Backpacker

“The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear.” -Nelson Mandela.
For an adventure hunter, the spell-binding and wonderful land of India is a perfect place to quench their thirst for daring experiences. The thrilling spots in India can challenge your nerves and make your adrenaline-charged up. Here presenting a daring list of the enthralling sites for a true backpacker to feel the thrill and enjoy the experience.

Ladakh is a supernatural landscape which is capable of satisfying your daring dreams. The endless trails, snowy mountains, beautiful Gompas symbolizing Buddhist culture, and the colorful flags flying with the pleasant breeze is more like a dream. The road trips, night campaigns, and trek to the high mountain area spine-tingling experience for any backpacker.

ladakh trip

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Kerala enjoys the status of being nature most favorite place where one can find the nature at its best but it has the spirit of adventure at the same time which turns on backpackers to step in the place and feel the sensation of thrill. Trekking to the high hills of famous Munnar and Kochi hill tops, exploring beautiful forest trails, night campaigning near the calm beaches, streaming river and fishing are few of the things which make Kerala heaven for a backpacker.

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kerala trip

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Varanasi is another thrilling destination for a backpacker in India. Though the place is highly revered as a religious destination for a backpacker the place is a consideration as an experience. Exploring the narrow labyrinth lanes, numerous temples, mysterious ghats, amazing street foods and mixed culture is an experience for life.

varansi trip

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Spiti Valley
Surely the Gods must live here, this is no place for men.- Rudyard Kipling.
Spiti valley in the Himachal Pradesh state is more like a bliss for an adventure enthusiast. Ornamented with the snow capped mountains and blue color lakes the valley shifted the meaning of adventure to an another level. For the backpacker, the place is an ideal destination where one can sense the wild. Trekking, campaign near the lakes, skiing and lots more adventure fun can be done here.

sipti valley

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Resting in the shade of great Himalaya, Kasol is an offbeat destination for any backpacker. This charming and striking valley of Himachal Pradesh situated near the bank of Parvati river is a most thrilling spot for an adventure lover. Exploring the obscure villages of Malana village, haveliesTirthan valley and getting exposed to nature while trekking, campaigning, and skiing is the best part about the place.

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kasol trip

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have lies, Rajputana styled forts, and sandy trails of Rajasthan is another ideal destination for a backpacker in India. The endless narrow lanes, mesmerizing and mysterious forts, beautiful colonies still holding the essence of the history and culture is a true experience for any backpacker. The place is not only holding the historical importance but the surreal views of nature can make you fall in love with the place.

rajasthan trip

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These are the few places which are considered as a perfect location for a backpacker, so what you waiting for go pack your bag and witness the spirit of these places and create the experience for life.

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