Food Chemistry: Best Ways to Understand Balanced Diet

Do you know what forms our body? The answer is simple it’s the food. Our food is a combination of certain compounds. like carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins and enzymes.
Chemistry plays an important role in the daily healthy diet. It’s necessary to balance all the different components in a meal to make it healthy.
Irregular and unbalanced diet often leads to certain health disorders. So here we bring you the important chemical balance you need to maintain your perfect healthy diet…
 A balanced diet chemistry.
 Components of food.
 3-day diet.
 Carbohydrates rich food.
 Vitamins, minerals, and enzymes in the daily diet.
Food Chemistry Best Ways to Understand Balanced Diet
• A balanced diet chemistry
Before we discuss the chemical aspect, it’s necessary to understand what is a balanced diet? A balanced diet refers the diet which offers everything. carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins and other major components in the balanced amount. The significance of the balanced diet is maintaining smooth functioning of body metabolism.
Let’s get in deep.
Carbohydrates: Carbohydrates are the energy-providing molecules which break down for producing adenosine triphosphate. , the energy currency of the body.
In a long turn research, it’s that carbohydrates consumption, in an unbalanced manner leads to an excessive increase in sugar level. These are sugars of the aldose or ketose origin. While having milk, the protein is the priority.
We miss out the carbohydrate component, similarly for brown rice and few other items we often overlook the real carbohydrate level. This leads to deposition of bad carbohydrate in the body.
According to latest data, the balanced carbohydrate level in the body is 15gms .. This is the standard sugar consumption level on daily basis.
• Proteins: proteins are biomolecules composed of the single unit called amino acids. Together they combine to form longer peptide chains. Proteins are the crucial part of body metabolism.
They take part in every essential metabolic functioning within the body. Proteins play a significant role in metabolic reactions, DNA replication, transportation and gene sequencing. Proteins are consumed over a large range in a life cycle of an individual. These are required large quantities and on daily basis for proper body functioning.

Proteins also act as enzymes in certain metabolic reactions. Each protein molecule can differ from each other in structure. Depending upon the structure of protein,

they can act as the catalyst for different reactions within the body. Enzymes are the substances that enhance or alter the rate of reaction. These do not participate in the reaction.
There are 20 different class of proteins discovered which form the basis of living systems. Heating of protein leads to change in structure. On heating the protein molecule becomes denatured. This is the reason behind coagulation of the egg white on heating.
Depending upon the structure, proteins are in three classes. These are primary, secondary and quaternary protein. In our daily diet protein is a major component . on daily basis consumed in various forms like milk, meat, egg and pulses.
• 3-day diet: 3-day diet plan is a low-calorie diet to balance your weight. Many people follow strict diet plans. They loose weight but as they resume with their daily eating habits. they gain a lot of weight again, to overcome this problem the solution is 3-day diet plan.
• In this diet plan, only calories lowered to loose weight. As the name suggests the plan, classified into three 3days:
Day 1
 Breakfast: tea
 Half grape juice.
 Toast with peanut butter.
 Lunch: Fish
 Toast
 Black coffee.
 Dinner: lean meat
 Carrots.
 Green beans.
 Vanilla ice-cream.
 Black coffee.
 Fruit.
This type of diet will make you consume about 870 calories on day 1.
 Breakfast: tea
 Egg
 Banana
 Toast.
 Lunch: saltine crackers.
 Black coffee.
 Cottage cheese.
 Dinner: carrots.
 Banana
 Black coffee.
 Broccoli
 Hot dogs

Following this diet plan will make you consume 1149, calories on the 2nd day.

Day 3
 Breakfast: Black coffee.
 Cheddar cheese.
 Apple.
 Lunch: 1 egg.
 Tea.
 Toast.
 Dinner: Tuna fish.
 Cauliflower.
 Carrots
 Melon
 Vanilla ice cream.
 Broccoli
 Salad
This diet will make you consume around 222 calories on day 3. finally you will observe a major change in your weight. This is no magic, it’s the balance of nutrients and calories which help you lose weight in a 3day diet plan.
Carbohydrate rich food: As discussed above that carbohydrates are energy giving food. these are essential on daily basis, several food items rich in carbohydrates are:
 Dairy products.
 Legumes.
 Sugary sweets.
 Candies.
 Rice
 Potato.
 Chocolates.
Vitamins, minerals and enzymes in daily diet.
Vitamins, minerals:
Vitamin refers to the vital nutrient needs for proper body growth. Any substance which an organism cannot synthesize. It is necessary for normal body growth and taken from outside is the vitamin. Vitamin is required in less amount. each vitamin is identified by its chemical composition.
Like vitamin A has compounds like retinal, retinol and carotenoids are different compounds in combination to form vitamin A. Vitamin D is hormonal in function. Therefore all vitamins have different chemical composition and function. These are present in daily diet as, vegetables, fruits, milk, cereals and dairy items.
Vitamin deficiency leads to many disorders and causes severe ailments. Minerals are necessary to maintain the osmotic balance in the body.
These are the separate class of compounds.
On the basis of their functioning, in composition, these are same as the globular proteins. Enzyme links to a certain site of action and increases the metabolism. They play the major role in signal transmission in the body. These also regulate the proper and fast body growth.
Basic enzymes which are necessary for growth can be obtained from legumes, (alpha-galactosidase), starchy food (amylase), lactase ( milk products.) etc. Enzymes are similar to the catalyst in the normal chemical reaction which alters the rate of reaction. These do not participate in the reaction.
According to old sayings, “health is wealth”, so eat healthy to remain healthy.
Be in perfect shape and balance the chemical composition of your body. Live long and eat healthy.
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