What is the full form of Love? लव का पूरा नाम?

Do you know LOVE full form?

Full form of LOVE in English: Loss of valuable emotions

Love is a beautiful feeling of affection. In the world of link ups, hookups, casual relationships the notions of love have transformed. Millions of poets, writers tried to mold love in their words but unfortunately, horizons of love still remain undiscovered.

full form of loveLove stands for “ Loss of valuable emotions ” for its victims! On the other hand for all those who have successful relationships, it stands for ” Life”s only valuable emotion. ”

” Love is nothing, its an illusion of mind about something or somebody “. It’s the state of mind which makes you feel happy and satisfied. It’s necessary in all relationships.Lot of times people merely confine love to romantic relationships. This confuses and creates burdening the essence of love in a part of your life.

Love is a feeling to care about someone, to create deeper roots of attachments.It can be in any of the relationships. One cannot burden all expectations of love on a single relationship.

If you fail to discover it in a romantic relationship, you should try to find love in every other relationship in your life. It could be with your friends, family or even your pet. This helps you overcome the anxiety and emptiness.

Full form of LOVE in Hindi: मूल्यवान भावना

L-O-V-E: Loss of valuable emotions
For all broken hearts, there is nothing as bad as love. It follows misery and loneliness. You feel used and spent in vain. The condition becomes even worse when you fail in deleting all those memories.

It would have been the best invention if someone could insert a delete button in human systems. There are memories, words, promises all become noises. Melodies transform into agonizing noises.

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” Losses in Emotional investments leave you shattered, be careful before investing! “
Spent in vain ……..
” Spent myself in vain,
the moments thought,
the hopes delivered,
feelings you seeded,
the warmth you spread,
the happiness you promised
all went in vain…….
Its not because you didn’t came,
its not because you didn’t say
its not because you didn’t do
its because every time you made it feel real……..!!”

L-O-V-E: Life only valuable emotion ….!
Love adds meaning to life. Its necessary to keep you alive. Human is a social animal and every human being has emotions. He/She needs people who can connect and care. Love is a bond which connects. In every romantic relationship love is the primary need.

In love, there are no conditions to care. One does not need words to understand his/her partner. Everything remains hidden still disclosed.
Its one of the best feelings to have him/her around you.

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Presence is enough to forget all failures, pains, and sorrows. Sleepless nights, meandering over thoughts, being foolish are few symptoms of being in love. Love is not based on needs, it more about being each other’s habit.

Love has infinite meanings. It varies from one person to another. Its because every individual expects differently from love. It pleomorphic and divine.

“Love is Intoxicating, Be careful before falling! ”

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