Incredible India (Food) – Tickle Your Taste Buds with Indian Cuisines

While you are reading this, a kid somewhere (probably in another time-zone) is going to bed after a scoop of potato-chip-double-scoop-ice cream, and yet adult in another time-zone is waking up to the aroma of freshly brewed coffee. And then there is you.

The amount of time an average Indian spends thinking about food is equal to the amount of time contributed by Uncle Sam’s special agencies to manipulate supranational organization. And this is the place for the musings of those hungry stomachs.

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While people are growing crazy for newly introduced passions like EDMs and colossal photography, this is the refuge of people who continue to devote their majority of time to the more traditional sorts of interest – eating, of course.

And for that purpose this article has attempted to garner the temptations of such hunger to find the best and the cheapest of recourse to indulge the taste-buds of the people who have a tight budget but a stomach equal to that of black hole.

The Indian culture has developed with the values which promote adjusting and compromising and while these values seem retrograde to the elitist junta, the an average North-Indian cuisine restaurants have managed to weave these value to cook recipes which can force even a saint from the steps of the heaven back to the Chatori Gali.

From poha-jalebi to tandoori chicken, the plates of Indian are rarely less than full. The tastes accommodate a generous granting to the flavors of Indian as well as continental spices which have resulted in amalgamated tastes, much similar to the effects of globalisation.

But this fusion has not just been in the matter of ingredients but also in case of dishes from other regions of India. Idli-Dosa are as much a part of the breakfast menu as Poha or Paranthas in a Punjabi or Jat house. The main course has expanded to includeBati from Bihar and Kadhi from Gujrat.

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The moderate flavor preferring households have not been spared the Marvari tadka in chutneys or in other dishes. The winters reckon the cooking Saag, which was once a feature of Punjab-Haryana thali, in even the southern parts of the country. The snacks menu have embraced utpam and French fries with such gumption that would shut even the most vociferous advocate of regional difference.

Beverages have evolved from traditional 4’o clock chai to milk-shakes of badam-pista flavor and equally encouraging trends of coffee consumption. But the chai-prem is going strong as ever.

And asking a person how many cups of tea he has had in a day is probably not the wisest decisions that the questioner will make in the day.

The non-vegetarians have not been ignored either. While vegetarians might still remember thatParanthas are primarily Punjabi food supplement, I dare say that a non-vegetarian would know the difference between Rogan Josh and Tandoori Chicken, except for the obvious excess of curry in the former.

The introduction of the suave Ham-burgers might be taking the youth by wave but no sane Indian non-vegetarian in his right mind would pass a Keema Matar for anything that can be sold by the American suppliers.

While analysts would say that this fusion of tastes and recipes is the result of migration and urban culture and would make a case for cross-cultural influence, a foodie has just one response to it all, “Thank God!”

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