30 Ways to control Anger and Frustration

Are you angry or frustrated over thing? Does it do you harm? Does it change you into a person you don’t want to be? Do you want to control it?

If yes, then we bring to you 30 ways in which you can control anger and frustration.


30 Ways to control Anger and Frustration


Look Up– It has been observed that when a person is angry or frustrated, he tends to look down. To save yourself from sinking into negativity, look up; it interrupts the negative fillings path.

Exchange the negative words with the positive words– Words has the power to influence our feelings and subconscious. Negative words like No, Not, Don’t and can’t are capable of diverting our focus to negative feelings. The next time when you are feeling angry or frustrated, try to change these negative words with positive words.

Identify what triggers anger and frustration in you– Sit in a peaceful place and write down things, places, or people that generate negative feeling in you. It can be annoying words that someone said to you or a person who emits negative vibes. Try to eliminate all these things and people from your life.

Snap an elastic band– Always wear a rubber or elastic band around your wrist. Whenever you are heading towards negative thoughts, snap the rubber band. The sting caused by it will remind you of the pain and suffering caused by these thoughts. It will direct your mind to avoid such thoughts.

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Forgive– I know it’s easier to say than to do. Forgiveness isn’t an easy act to perform. But, holding a grudge will harm your body and mind. Don’t forget, but forgive your enemy, let it go. Let the universe decides his punishment.

Laugh– Yes, it sounds insane, but laughs when you are angry. Watch all those comedy sitcoms or movies that make you smile or hang out with your crazy friends. This will make you feel lighten, fill your heart with joy and push all the negative thoughts away.

Try some breathing techniques– Try some deep breathing techniques; this will send more oxygen into your body and brain and thus help you to relax.

Mediation– Mediation helps to escape through the external chaos. It trains our mind and keeps us calm. Meditation is the best way to anchor your thoughts and achieve clarity in life.

Be grateful– Take a sheet of paper and write about everything you are grateful for, l be it your relationships, achievements or opportunities. As you fill the pages, you will realize that what does and what does not matter in life.

Accept reality– Yes, things went wrong, they were not fair. But, there is no point in crying over it. Accept the reality and move on.

Exercise– Indulge in aggressive exercise. Sweat out all your anger and frustration.

Think Positive– Indulge in positive thoughts and interact with positive people. No matter how hard a phase is, always remember it’s not permanent. This phase will pass too.

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Share it with a friend– Share it with a friend, pour out your heart. This will make you feel better as bottled up feelings are more dangerous.

Keep a journal- Write a journal every time you feel anger or frustrated. Write all your feelings and insecurity. It will help you to calm down.

Try to find a solution– Sit down and peacefully think about all those actions that can rescue you from the situations.

Don’t blame yourself– Stop blaming yourself for everything that went wrong.  it may be your fault, but it was your past. Think about your present and try to change it.

Go for a walk– Going for a walk, will help you to rearrange your thought and decide on your future course of action.
Will it matter after 5 years?-Ask yourself this question, ‘Will it matter after 5 years from now?”. If, it won’t then there is no point in getting angry or frustrated over it.

Cook a meal– Cooking is an art. It’s a stress buster. Cook your favorite food, pour all your concentration and love while preparing it and enjoy a delicious meal.

Be a fighter– The better option than to get angry or frustrated over a circumstance is to fight it.  Fight to change your circumstances.

Read inspiring books-You are not alone, there are many, who had a messed up life, but they fought it and chose to win. Read such stories and bask in all much inspiration as you can.

Go on a vacation– Pack your bags and go for a relaxing vacation. Take a time out, analyze your situation and come back with a bang.

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Sleep it off– Sometimes sleeping helps. Sleep off all your anger and frustration and let your body and mind relax.
Surround yourself with positive people- Be in the company of positive and happy people. They will rub it on you and you will find yourself relaxing.

Don’t blame others– Don’t blame yourself and also not other people for your situations. No one in this world has the power to destroy you.

Indulge yourself in work– Shift your focus into something productive and get busy in doing it. It will keep you away from negative thoughts.

It can be worse– Always remember it can be worse than it already is. Think about it and you will realize things are not as bad as they seem.

Think about your past– Think about all those successes that you have achieved in your past, how far you have come. Does a small problem is big enough to destroy all them?

Dance it out– Dance out all your anger and frustration. Volume up the music and dance carefree. It is an amazing stress buster and will also help you to lose some calories.

Surrender-Surrender your ego, revenge and will to always be right. Trust the universe that it will always give you the best and go with the flow.

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