40 Real Facts That Will Help You in Sleeping Properly

A happy sleep at night can make your whole day smooth and successful. In today’s stressed world, we often come across problems like, How to sleep properly? Many people even face insomnia. ( No sleep at night disorder). So here we present before you, few tips for sleeping, which will surely prove to be a one-time solution for a happy sleep.

40 real facts that will help you in sleeping properly.

Here are 40 real facts that will help you in sleeping properly:

  1. Empty your mind: When you are sleeping, a cloud of thoughts hovers over your mind .It’s very necessary to get rid of that cloud because any kind of disturbing thoughts like a quarrel with your friend, disappointment at work, family issues, can take your sleep a million miles away from you. So empty your mind of these things, to get a happy sleep.
  2. Music: A melodious music can help you grab a happy sleep at night. This relaxes your mind. Apart from this, music is also a therapy which helps you get over daily stress.
  3. A glass of milk: A glass of milk before sleeping a can help you have a sound sleep. Milk has a substance called tryptophan which induces sleep. It also increases a ‘good mood’ hormone serotonin which helps you to sleep in a good mood and wake up next morning in a happy mood.
  4. Read a book: It is believed that books can be one’s  best friends with no complaints and no demands, So reading a book of your interest,  before you sleep can help you grab a sound sleep.
  5. Work hard in a day: For a happy sleep at night it’s necessary to get tired in daytime. Like your stomach, your mind and body also need their daily feed so if you fail to give them their daily feeds then they’ll not function properly and hence lead to anxiety and sleeplessness. Thus be like the Sun, wake up in the morning, shine in the daytime, and sleep at night, to work harder and shine brighter the next morning.
  6. Keep sleep cycle rhythm: Like all other cyclic events, our bodily functions are also cyclized and thus it is necessary to set a time of sleeping and waking up so as to maintain sleep and wake up cycle and maintain a rhythm.
  7. Get up early, to avail more of fresh morning air and sunlight: This helps in making you more energetic and positive throughout your day, and sleep in a more relaxed mood at night.
  8. Avoid excess caffeine & nicotine consumption: Excess of caffeine and nicotine can make you sleep-deprived.Hence, do not use them in excess to get a happy sleep.
  9. Avoid late night parties: Late night parties may be fun at times but frequent late night parties make you sleepless and excessively exhausted.It is necessary to check out the times you party hard and hamper your health by getting sleep deprived and ultimately end up getting depressed.
  10. Schedule your day: Plan up your day and set deadlines for everything you wish to accomplish during your day, thus you will have no pending work to make you stressed and thus you will sleep in a happy and relaxed mode.
  11. Eat healthy, avoid junk food: Eating healthy can help in catching up a sound sleep, as it has been researched that junk food in excess can lead to anxiety and make you put on weight. It doesn’t end here, it also makes you addicted to itself, so avoid junk food to grab a happy sleep at night.
  12. Cherish achievements: Reminiscence of your achievements and happy moments can help you sleep in a motivated mood.
  13. Analyze your day: Keep aside a  few moments to analyze your day and figure out your mistakes. Promise yourself, not to repeat them the next day. Sleep in a positive and optimistic mood.
  14. Night time snack: Night time snacks can also help in a good sleep.Take light snacks of your choice, and enjoy a sound happy sleep.
  15. Warm bath: A warm relaxing bath can help you achieve a sound sleep.This takes away all your workload and leaves you relaxed.
  16. Dim lights: Before swaying into entire darkness, just dim the lights and lay down quiet. You shall automatically behold a happy sleep.
  17. Early morning exercise: Early morning exercise keeps you energetic throughout the day and lets you sleep with a peaceful mind at night.
  18. Clean surroundings: Clean surroundings can help you sleep in fresh mode rather when you sleep in messy and unhygienic surroundings.
  19. Prefer being close to nature: It’s often seen that people who are more close to nature are in a comfortable and peaceful state of mind. Thus, being close to nature helps you achieve a sound sleep.
  20. Spend time with family: Family hangout and family gatherings help in grabbing happy moments which can help you sleep calmly and happily.
  21. Avoid anger: Anger and jealousy are several emotions which hamper health and can induce depression, thus avoid anger to have a healthy state of mind and peaceful sleep.
  22. Quit smoking: Excessive tobacco and nicotine can make you addicted and severely affect your health and can also cause anxiety, so quit smoking to have a healthy body and happy sleep.
  23. Monitor your drinking habits: Excessive consumption of alcohol has the most disastrous effects on your health. Initially, it may give you a false presumption of calm sleep, but it’s a slow poison and makes you addicted and ultimately steals your peace, offering you sleepless nights.
  24. Sleep with your pet: There are many people amongst us who love their pets and sleeping with your pets by your side or anyone else whom you love by your side makes your night more sweet and comfortable. In all such cases, there occurs a secretion of a hormone called ‘endorphin’ which makes you fall in love with everything around you by relaxing your senses.
  25. Wear loose clothes: Free yourself, let this world go to hell and wear loose clothes and sleep freely in a cheerful mode.
  26. Bed, only for sleeping: Do not convert your bed into a dining or study table just use it for sleeping, for a happy sleep.
  27. Choose your mattress: A comfortable sleeping mattress is a must for a happy sleep, so choose it wisley, as per your comfort.
  28. Don’t change places: Do not frequently change your sleeping locations, as we humans make up a relation to a place where we exist, thus changing sleeping locations can make you feel unrelated to that place and you may not have a happy sleep.
  29. Maintain comfort posture: Make a comfort posture while sleeping to grab a happy sleep.
  30. Favourite hobby: Practising something you love to do, before sleeping can help you sleep in a satisfied and happy mood.
  31. Avoid long calls and chats on phone overnight: Long night chats are never productive and often lead to short sleeping hours causing anxiety and depression. So relax and take a proper 8-hour sleep to keep up in good health.
  32. Temperature regulation: For a swift and comfortable never let the temperature of your room go too high or too low, keep it optimum so that it doesn’t disturb you at midnight by making you feel too cold or too perspiring.
  33. Set hours: According to many researchers 9-12 hours of sleep is necessary for school aged kids, 8-10 hours sleep is necessary for youngsters and 7-9 hours sleep is must for adults.
  34. Avoid blue light while sleeping: All the devices from phones to your iPads and laptops have blue light emission which may disrupt your sleeping process making you uneasy, so stay away from them while sleeping.
  35. Breathe deeply: Take a deep breath before being to bed to relax all your senses and relieve your tensions.
  36. Keep your corner table near to bed always ready: Always keep your corner table ready for everything you may need before sleeping or at midnight .So that you do not fuss in the middle of the night for it.
  37. Lavender oil massage: Lavender oil is a comfy sleeping solution, this relaxes the mind and all your senses, also it is known to regulate melatonin level which controls sleep-wake cycle.
  38. No Television: Many times television at sleep time makes you chirping and thus it wakes you up rather than sleeping so avoid sleeping with your television sets switched on.
  39. Sleep with your mom:  This may not be possible for everyone but surely, there is nothing more peaceful and pious than being close to mother, so if you can then surely be with your mom when you sleep to enjoy a good sleep
  40. Do not oversleep: Too much of sleeping makes you lethargic so keep pace with a number of hours you spent on sleeping.

Sleep well!!!

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