What Is The Full Form of PDF and Who Invented It?

DO you know what is the full form of PDF and who invented It?

PDF: Portable Document format

Portable Document Format (PDF) is  a document format which allows you to access your documents over any format independent of the application hardware and operating systems. A PDF file can hold large amount data along with pictures, video links and many more.

PDF Full Form in Hindi: वहनीय दस्तावेज़ स्वरूप

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These are used on a wide range to access files like books or journals in the day to day lives.

A pdf file encapsulates graphics and information needed to display any information.

Anyone is authorized to build software to access PDF files. No one pays any kind of royalty to adobe systems.

PDFPDF (Portable Document Format) is a type of file that taken as a form of that has taken an elements of a printed document as an e-image that anyone can send, share & can take print out. PDF is created by Adobe & it has many versions.  PDF has been considered slandered file formate to send any documents, resume for job application to our seniors.

Historical background

Randy Adams and his team gave birth to PDF. PDF became viral before the advent of HTML and WWW.

After the discoveries of these, PDF lost its control and became a secondary option for sharing data.

How to Create PDF File:

We can create PDF file by the software named as adobe or We can save any file as a PDF format. Also we can use some other website availabe online like: http://www.pdfforge.org/pdfcreator

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