What Is The Full Form of RBC?

Let’s check out the Full Form of RBC.

RBC: Red blood cells

While going through any medical report you must have seen an acronym RBC lot of times but do you know what is it and why is it so important to check RBC in any medical treatment. Let’s check out!

RBC Full Form in Hindi: लाल रक्त कोशिका

Red blood cells are a very important part of blood, these are the cells formed in the bone marrow of the bones.

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RBC is associated with the life forming protein called hemoglobin. The average life span of RBC’s is 120 days after which these RBC’s are dumped in the spleen.

Healthy blood count is the symbol of a healthy metabolism, a healthy individual has approximately 12-16 GMs of hemoglobin in 100 ml of blood.

Ailments of irregular RBC count

If your blood test shows low level of RBC then you are prone to several ailments like

1. Anemia:
This disease is widely spread amongst old age individuals, women and low body weight individuals. Main symptoms of anemia are fatigue, pale skin, and exhaustion.

2. Thalassemia: This is yet another and most severe ailment related to blood. There is no cure other than regular blood transfusion.

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What to do for healthy RBC count?

1. Eat a balanced healthy diet.

2. Give preference to leafy vegetables for normal hemoglobin content.

3. Stay away from smoking and excessive alcoholism.

4. Do not consume a lot of fatty food, increased cholesterol levels cause improper blood circulation.

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