What is the full form of CGPA?

 CGPA: Cumulative Grade Point Average

Do you know what is the full form of CGPA?

CGPA stands for cumulative grade point average. It is one of the most widely used types of marking technique in the educational system.

full form of CGPA

It has been introduced in Indian education system to avoid the hassle of the old marking system.

It is also used to assess students in other countries. It’s a western education concept. It groups the students ranging in the same category of marks as one.

The grading system is an advanced way of standardizing the marking scheme.

It averages the marks obtained by the students in the form of grades from A to F. Here each grade stands for the specific marks range.

History of Grading System

 Bob Marlin said that grading system was introduced by a tutor whose name was William Farish.

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This concept was first used by the University of Cambridge.

It is believed that grading system evaluation helps in the qualitative assessment. This way we can easily judge the complete personality development of the disciple.

In general grading system ranges from alphabetical grade A to F. Look the table below for detailed info :

Range of percentage scoredAllotted CGPA
90% – 100 %A+( excellent)
70% – 89% A( Very good)
50% – 69%B+(good)
40%- 49%B (pass)
Below 39F(fail).


With this table, one can visualize the grading system and its applications. As it is shown for higher Percentages grade is ‘A’ and for Fail or just pass or second class pass the alloyed grade point is ‘F’ and ‘B’ respectively.

 Difference between CGPA and GPA

Often people get confused between GPA and CGPA. CGPA which is cumulative grade point is the average of marks obtained out of total marks in the session. On the other-hand GPA is the Grade point average.

It is used for assessment in assessing and comparing the students over a shorter time period. It is used in universities and high schools to mark students as per their performance per semester.

It is even used in some of the offices and companies to compare the employees’ performance.

In this way, these two are completely different from each other.

Tracing out percentage out of CGPA and GPA

 These can be very confusing if you don’t know the correct way to trace out correct information out of them. So here is a way to calculate your percentage scores in your respective semester.

Subject wise percentage = 9.5 * Gp ( grade point of the subject ) .

Overall calculated percentage = 9.5 * CGPA.

For instance, If you have pointers as 8.9 then you can calculate your marks as 9.5 * 8.9 = 84.55%.

Places of use of CGPA

It’s used generally for marking and grading students in schools and colleges. One of its sub categories GPA instead can be used in offices also to analyze and compare employees performance. It is also used as grading system in universities and colleges.

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