What is the full form of SIM?

Do you Know what is full form of SIM?

SIM full form: Subscribers Identification Module

In our day to day use, we all use sim cards in our mobile phones. But do you know its full form?

SIM stands for subscribers identification module. The full form itself reveals a lot about its usage and significance.

With tremendous technological wars and rage in the telecom industries, there are many telecom giants who provide different sim cards.

SIM ki Full Form in Hindi: ग्राहक पहचान मोड्यूल

Each service provider of a specific company has its own terms and plans for using their sim cards for calling , messaging and networking.

Sim is a user identifier code of the subscriber. One can safely store personal records like phone numbers and many more in a specific sim card.

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தமிழ் மொழியில் சிம் முழு வடிவம்: சந்தாதாரர்களின் அடையாளமாக்கல் தொகுதி

History of SIM

Like everything sim cards also have their own history. There have been many advancements in their use and size.

SIM full form in English

The concept of sim cards was first proposed under European telecommunications standards.

Earlier sim cards were of bigger like a visiting card or credit card size.

Imagining those sims in present slim sleek handsets is almost impossible.

So with moving paddle of time newer small 15mm by 12 mm size of sim cards are available in the market.

Many newly launched highly advanced phones use micro and nano sim cards.

What a sim card can save??

 A sim card is not only identification it serves a bigger purpose of saving a lot of info.  With sim card, you can save this data and carry it anywhere. It’s a small handy bag for information or contacts you always wish to carry.

  1. Address book.
  2. Memos
  3. Text messages.
  4. NAD (network authorization data).
  5. Phone number.
  6. Database
  7. Built-in reboot data.
  8. Other essential data.
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CDMA sim card Versus GSM sim card.

A CDMA set actually lacks sim. All information is stored in the handset itself. You cannot the plugin or change the operator in case of a CDMA handset.

GSM sim card is vice versa. You can change the operator and alter your services anytime.

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