Latest Upcoming Marathi Movies 2018

Dear Readers, today we will read some new upcoming Marathi movies in 2018.

Entertainment is becoming must in today’s date of the stressful world. Talking about Marathi movies which have gained a great momentum in the film industry. So today we are going to talk about top 8 upcoming Marathi movies 2018.

Let’s begin:-

  1. 31 Divas Marathi Movie

    The first Marathi movie on our list is the movie named ’31 Divas’.This movie is going to be released on 20 July 2018.The main actors of this movie and Shashank Ketkar, Mayuri.

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Deshmukh and Reena Aggarwal. This movie is under the directorship of Ashish Bhelkar and the movie is produced by Bharathan Suresh Babu. The story of the movie is that our hero Makarand (Shashank Ketkar) has a dream to make his way to the film industry.

He tries hard and writes his own film. But suddenly one day he meets one accident which eventually changes his life and helps him to come closer to his dream. Thus, this indeed is the story of the movie.

Our views:-

According to us the story of the movie is praiseworthy. The quality of the movie is also excellent and according to the trailer, the ending line is that”30 days for thinking and 1 day for shooting” which leaves us thinking about the movie. I personally will give a try for this movie and you can also..

2) Chumbak Marathi Movie:

Chumabak Marathi Movie

The second movie our list is Chumbak. This movie especially is only for entertainment. This movie is releasing on 27 July 2018. This movie is under the directorship of Sandeep Modi and this movie is produced by Aruna Bhatia, Naren Kumar, Cape of Good Films. This movie is co-produced by Sujatha N Kumar and Shreni Modi. The actors in this movie are Swanand Kirkire, Sahil Jadhav, and Sangram Desai. This story of the movie is that there are two children who try to make lottery scam of 1 crore rupees which indeed is a big amount and they put one condition that they should transfer twenty thousand rupees in their account. One man gets cheated in this scam and gives some cash and a gold chain. When he finds this was a scam when he tries hard to find those children. Hence this was the story of the movie Chumbak which was written by Saurabh Bhave and Sandeep Modi.

Our views:-

I genuinely liked this movie and the acting is definitely a best one. If you searching for the best entertainment Marathi movie of 2018 you should give a try for this movie. I liked the movie as a entertainment for you and your family. It is for sure that it will give the best comedy experience.

3) Pushpak Vimaan Marathi Movie:-

Pushpak Vimaan Marathi Movie

The 3rd movie of our list is Pushpak Vimaan which releasing on 3 August 2018. This movie is directed by Vaibhav R Chindnalkar.

The actors in this movie are Mohan Joshi, Subodh Bhave, Gauri Mahajan. This movie is about an old man  ‘Tatya’ who is a great devotee of Saint Tukaram and a person who believes in the scriptures. He is the firm believer which says that saint Tukaram boarded ‘Pushpak Vimaan’ in which he set off his final journey for heaven. Tatya an 83-year-old man comes to the city kg Mumbai and misunderstands that the airplane of Mumbai is the Tukaram boarded Pushpak Vimaan. The struggle of Tatya’s grandson to fulfill his grandfather’s dream is the main highlight of this movie. This movie comes with a dose of kg humor and a cute relationship between a grandfather and his grandson.

Our views:-

This movie is the mixture of old belief and today development which indeed is a great idea. This movie is also about a good and mature grandson who wants to fulfill his grandfather’s dream. This movie is worth watching which gives the very good teachings.

4) Pipsi Marathi Movie



Pipsi Marathi Movie

The fourth movie in our list is pipsi which is directed by Rohan Deshpande and produced by Vidhi Kasliwal. This movie is about the two children whose mother is in serious condition and they think that their mother life is inside the fish. They think that how long the fish is alive their mother’s life is safe. They try to save the fish life. But this movie is about the bad condition of some areas where there is a water crisis and which turns fertile farmlands into arid wastelands.

Our view:-

This movie is indeed a nice and logical movie. This movie shows the mentality of the two children who think that a person’s life is in the fish. Thus this movie can tell us the bad condition of the remote areas which has a bad condition where suicide is the widely accepted norm. Personally, we all can give a try for this movie which inspires us to develop the condition of the people in the remote areas.

5) Re Raya Marathi Movie
Re Raya Marathi Movie
The fifth movie on our list is Re Raya. This movie is directed by Milind Shinde and this movie is produced by Ajay Sukheja. The actors of this movie are Bhushan Pradhan, Sanskruti Balgude, Hansraj Jagtap, Vivek Chabukswar and Sudharshan Patil. In this movie, there is a coach who selects 3 students for different sports and tries to make them a sports player. The coach sees the talent of those students and gives them training and tells to take part in ‘ Shiva Chathrapati Puraskar’. The struggle taken by the coach to give training to the students is the main highlight of this movie.

Our view:-

This movie has the perfect view and idea towards the sports line. The movies tell the real importance of sports and have the genuine motive. So this movie is one of the best Marathi movies in today’s era. So it is

6) Kay Zala Kalena Marathi Movie

Kay Zala Kalena Marathi Movie
The sixth movie in our list is Kay Zala Kalena. This movie is the romantic type of movie which is directed under the directorship of Suchita Shabbir and this movie is produced by Pankaj Gupta. In this movie, there is a couple who loved each other very much but the struggle in their love story is under suspense which makes this movie attractive.

Our view:-

According to us, this movie is worth to watch because of the story. They showed the beautiful story of one boy and one girl which indeed worth to watch. So I will recommend all of you to watch this if you are fans of several love stories.


7) Fandi Marathi Movie

Fandi Marathi Movie

The seventh comedy movie in our list is named as Fandi. This movie is under the directorship of Ajit N Sable and this movie is produced by Mrunali Ajit Sable and Saylee Patankar. This movie is has shown the disadvantages of false belief in village areas. This movie has stressed in the useless things of false belief in a humorous way.

My view:-

The movie has attracted me because of the genuine reason to remove the false belief in the society. So if you comedy and motivation towards the society then this movie is the correct choice for you.

8) Ipitar Marathi Movie

Ipitar Marathi Movie

The eighth movie in our list Ipitar. Ipitar is one of the best  Marathi comedy movie which is best comedy movie in the history of Marathi cinema. In this movie, there are three best friends who enjoy their life every minute and every second. The trailer of the movie is so comical that we can expect that the movie will also be humorous.

Our view:-

Since the movie is the very attractive due to its unique comedy style I will definitely give a try to this movie. The struggle with the three friends in a humorous way has attracted me very much so you all can also give a try.

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