Top 6 Best Websites to Downlaod APK Files 

Best sites to downlaod apk files

Best sites to download APK files Android is in the present date used an operating system and it is mainly because of the varieties of applications available the fact that it is very open and can be very easily modifiable.

Best sites to downlaod apk files 

But sometimes a question arises that if a person is having Play Store then that person can download files but suppose not having Play Store then from where is a person is going to download the applications such as the example of one plus one.

So in that case, what would be the scenario? So, here are APK files for you. Simultaneously, you can also use online websites to download APK files and install them on your personal computer as well. But a big question arises that there are dates from which you can download the APK files so which websites are just one is very difficult to find out in itself.

Also Rises because of the fact that your safety and privacy of your device is also one of the ultimate priority.Here are the top sites from which you can download the APK which are accessible from both your smart phone and personal computer as well which is in fact safety downloads for your Android.

1. APKMirror: The Super User-Friendly and reliable APK Downloader

APK Mirror is one of the famous and most reliable application repositories. And simultaneously it offers a very large amount of applications. It has a very beautiful and very nicely designed interface and has quite efficient search engine as well.

APKMirror finds only signed by the original developers of applications so no files weather dubious origin for sure that we fit your privacy and safety as well. After searching the application that you were craving for, for you can directly download the APK in your smartphone. Then run the APK file enjoy now the application even you are not having Google Play Store as well.

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Also in addition also used to find the latest version released which some of the times not available in Playstore so is also good way to keep updated your versions with this apk file downloader.


2. AppBrain: A Nice Place to Discover New Android APK Files

Appbrain offers which normally gets downloaded from the Play Store if your device do not support Play Store or Play Store is currently not working on your device then can totally rely on appbrain. Appbrain is really a very nice, elegant and effective tool to find the best application where is the simple and user-friendly interface. So, try once Appbrain for sure in order to download APK files if in your device Play Store is not working.


3. AndroidFreeware: Most Comprehensive and reliable APK Library

Android freeware is really one of the best sites from which you can download your APK files if Play Store is not working in a device. In Android free where you are going to get currently pending and easily downloadable online APK files totally for free of cost so that you can keep updated your device with latest APK files.So you don’t need to spend and waste your money in order to purchase any application that is present in Android freeware.

Total effective price is zero means you don’t need to spend a single penny in order to have please APK files. This becomes possible because Android freeware has been collecting many APK files for a very long time and now you can call it as repository aura storage house for some and very useful Android applications that you can download for sure what the substitute of not having in your device.

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Android freeware gives you the opportunity to access house more than 1500 APK files through this website that are working or acting as a portal for fully functional applications.

Android Freeware

4.APK4FUN: You have another best alternative store in order to download APK files. Apk for fun is a very old platform which has literally millions of products means millions of applications and games totally for free of cost means you don’t even have to pay a single penny in order to download these.

Apk for fun is totally free of cost is totally secure reliable and very fast.In apk for fun everything is similar to Google Play Store like the updates and reviews. Lots of AP case are available on this site and my personal advice is to this site at least for once because once you try this site going to become a fan of this site and you will be using this site in future for a very long time as well.


5.BlackMart: Alpha is a market alternative to the Google Play Store by using Blackmart Alpha you can download the APK files if Google Play Store on your device. Blackmart Alpha is surely an alternative to download APK files for tablets and Smartphones with an Android operating system.

By the usage of Blackmart you can downloadmini-applicationss as well without accessing your Google account or without the need of any registration or permission from any kind of administrator. The Blackmart also called the black market simple website to use and offers features download APK files in applications.

The best market almost all applications are available and not only available they are available for free download means have to spend a single Mani to download these. The Google Play Store no doubt is a very comprehensive application available for us but unfortunately in Google Play Store there are many paid applications which are not available for free but by using this problem is going to be solved out because you just have to download the application Blackmart and there are no limitations and no money is needed to pay

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6. APK Pure: Pure downloader application is officially released now and you can download APK files and applications your device does not support Google Playstore. By using APK can instantaneously download APK files from anywhere around the globe.

One of the best thing of APK pure is that by using APK pure you can download region locked applications and games means the applications and games which are not available in your country or today’s free games and applications on your Android device you can download them too.

By using APK pure you can discover and install games by its usage. When you are using APK pure you are not going to miss any updates games because happy or won’t let you to forget any applications, files, and games.

This will come into reality APK pure will automatically create notification which will remind you that an update is available for your game or application. Very simple and basic games to very modified and modern games each and everything is now available on APK pure.

APK pure is very lightweight but very powerful Android Application Store as it is a collection of self-contained easy to install applications which have management tools which makes it more user-friendly and reliable to the users who use it even for the very first time.

APK Pure

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