What is the Full form of C? कार्बन क्या होता है?

Full form of C? What is Carbon?

Full form of C

कार्बन क्या होता है? कार्बन के  बारे मई जानकारी|

Full form of C is Carbon is one of the ubiquitous elements in the atmosphere. Everything you put eyes upon has carbon. It is one of those substances which form the backbone of multiple compounds existing on this earth. Carbon exhibits tetravalency.

It can combine with multiple elements to form a variety of compounds like diamond, buckminsterfullerene, charcoal, coal, wax, fiber and many more. The array of molding orientations have led to conformations like diamond, graphite, and buckminsterfullerene.

The Food items which we consume have carbon in all their nutrient composition. Fats, Carbohydrates, and proteins are basic elements of food which help in bodybuilding, growth and healing processes.

Fats and carbohydrates are most energy giving foods. On the basis of energy delivered by carbohydrate and fats, there are three forms of diets Rajsic, Tamsic, and satvik.

कार्बन को हिंदी में प्रांगार कहते हैं। Carbon in Hindi

Rajsik Diets:  As the word denotes “Rajsik” means related to kings, the food items under this class are coffee, tea, and tobacco which in general are known to belong to elite class menu cards. All the spicy, fleshy and highly oil enriched food items comprise the rich meal. These are mostly consumed by athletes and bodybuilders who require a lot of energy. Rajsik foods are also known to increase body weight. These should be consumed within the prescribed limit to avoid cholesterol problems.

Tamsik Diets:  Tamsik diets have alcohol, drugs, and fast foods these also have carbon in combination with a hydroxyl group and hydrogen in different compositions. These do not have any life forcing properties.

Satvik Diets: Milk, fruits, legumes, and grains are the primary ingredients of satvik diets. These kinds of foods also have carbon. These are entitled to a sense of purity, divinity, and serenity.

Use of Carbon Dioxide in Fire Extinguisher

You must have observed fire extinguisher in action. Have you ever imagined what inside fire extinguisher is responsible for wiping out the fire! It’s the carbon dioxide inside it which replaces the oxygen promoting fire. This help in overcoming wildfires caused due to electrical breakdown.

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Diamond is one of the forms of carbon. Carbon has an octahedral arrangement. It is hardest of all the known forms of carbon. It is often used for cutting glasses.


Carbon dioxide is used as an additive and propellant. Baker’s yeast in several food products produces carbon dioxide which increases fluffiness of certain food items. In the winemaking processes, dry ice is used as a coolant instead of regular ice, this helps in reducing the water content and sugar concentration in grapes.

Meat Production

Meat production requires the slaughtering of animals. Before slaughtering animals are stunned. This is done by carbon dioxide.

Carbon-containing functional groups

  • Alkanes: Carbon combines with hydrogen to form straight-chain or branched compounds with a saturated bond.  Octane, Heptanes, Hexane, Pentane and so on….
  • Alkenes: Carbon combines with carbon and hydrogen by an unsaturated bond to form alkenes.
  • Alcohol: Compounds having carbon attached to a hydroxyl group as a functional group is referred to as alcohol.
  • Aldehyde: Compounds having{ –CHO} carbon with hydrogen and oxygen are referred to as aldehydes.
  • Ketone: Carbon fuses with oxygen via a double bond {C=O } to form ketone functional groups.
  • Carboxylic Group: Carbon in combination with two oxygen molecules and hydrogen forms a carboxylic group. Carboxyl group instills an acidic character to the compound.
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In a series as mentioned above, most of the functional groups are oxidation products of the preceding functional group.

With tremendous research, there is a lot more to discover about carbon and its implications.

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