A Guide to Biotechnology Career in TodaysEra

Biotechnology Career Outlook

Biotechnology has become one of the hottest careers in coming years and biotechnology has a wide range application in different industries.

Food and beverage industry, biological products, pharmaceuticals, textiles, and medicine.

First of all these are few of the crucial sectors and here biotechnology has a wide range application.

Seems like the unending and exceptional contribution of biotechnology is making biotechnology one of the most opted stream of study and career.  


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So, here we give you a biotechnology career outlook:

It’s not mainstream classical biology basically, rather it’s an interdisciplinary and very modernized form of biology.

It’s integrated with newer concepts and the newer and emerging career prospects in biotechnology seem like have made this a very obvious choice for youngsters.

So, biotechnology includes concepts of biology integrated with other subjects. Like maths, physics, and chemistry making this discipline more interesting.

Hence a graduate or postgraduate degree in biotechnology can help, a student in landing a stable job especially a  successful career in their life.

As a result of the daily increasing use of biotechnology in different sectors has led to a boom in jobs in this sector.
  • Let’s look into deep:
1.  Best colleges in India for biotechnology.
  1.  Graduation
  2.  Post Graduation
  3.  Doctoral

2. For international application.

3. Scope and job prospects.

1.Best colleges in India for biotechnology

i) Graduation:

There are many colleges for graduation in biotechnology in India and few of them are as follows.

1. IIT KGP Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur, Kharagpur, West Bengal

2. Indian Institute of Technology, Guwahati

3. Banaras Hindu University Varanasi, UP

4. National Institute of Technology, Telangana

5. PSG college of technology Tamil Nadu

6. Manipal Institute of Technology Manipal

7. BMS College of Engineering Bangalore, Karnataka

9. Sreenidhi Institute of Technology Telangana

There are renowned organizations which provide a degree in biotechnology. Basically there at two degrees B.sc or engineering degree.

NIT, Warangal, NSIT Delhi, Vellore Institute of Technology. These are some of the prestigious institutions offering a graduate degree in biotechnology.

Hence, these are some of the prestigious institutions offering a graduate degree in biotechnology.

Furthermore, one of the best institutions you should keep in your list.

ii) Post graduation in biotechnology

For better job prospects you need to have a specialization degree.

As a result, specialization is done in a specific stream of biotechnology and many students opt for a higher post-graduate degree like M.sc or M.tech in Biotechnology.

There are integrated courses also available which are preferred option nowadays.

Many students also opt for foreign post-graduate programs for better career prospects.

1.Rajiv Gandhi Center for Biotechnology Trivandrum, Kerala.

2. School of life sciences Hyderabad.

3. Institute of Chemical Technology Mumbai.

4.University school of biotechnology New Delhi

5.Aligarh Muslim University Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh

6.School of Biotechnology, Banaras Hindu University Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh

7.Jamia Millia Islamia New Delhi

8.Department of Biotechnology Gulbarga, Karnataka

9.Department of Biotechnology, Punjab, Chandigarh.

10.Sri Krishna Deva Raya University Anantapur, Andhra Pradesh

iii) Doctoral programs:

For the Ph.D. or doctoral aspirants also there are many options in India. But most students prefer foreign research programs over research options in India. This helps in gaining essential experience.

Hence giving them proper exposure to the outside applications of their academic knowledge. It also adds extra points on their job prospects.

1.All India medical sciences AIIMS Bhopal

2.Amity institute of biotechnology Noida, Uttar Pradesh

3.Allahabad University Allahabad

4.Apeejay Stya University Haryana

5.Alagappa University Tamil Nadu

2. For international application:

Harvard University, Cambridge, USA
For more details please check the below link:

University College London:

Another one of the prestigious institution having a high-quality education. Hence in biotechnology and molecular biology, the students of this university are given practical knowledge. They are made industry ready.

In addition, further graduates, post graduates and doctorates of this university contribute to the advancement of this technology.

University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, USA

This seems like yet another great institution offering quality education. The field of biotechnology has its applications and here you learn to apply each

Also, there are many other universities which offer post graduation in sciences.

Finally, a doctorate in biotechnological and interdisciplinary sciences is also available in different colleges.

Probably all the universities have their own parameters and criteria of admission.

Therefore, few universities also need TOEFL and IELETS score. As a proof of English language eligibility.

Also, all the countries provide some scholarships and rewards for international students.

To apply for foreign university, one should be well aware of the important dates. In addition, application timings may vary from country to country or from university to university.

3. Scope and job prospects:

The demand is more than the supply. Therefore the job availability is more in this sector.

Biotechnology experts are needed in almost every industrial sector. Few major industries include

• Medicine

• Industrial research and development

• Environmental Conservation

• Genetic engineering

• Animal husbandry

• Agriculture.

Especially, Pay packages differ according to qualification and more of it depends on from where you have earned the degree and what’s the level of the degree.

Biotechnology career salary in India in a variable.

The amount increases with your experience and skill.

And the amount increases with your experience and skill.

 Hence, various newer areas are also being continuously introduced for more research and development in biotechnology.

In addition, these include bioresource development, plant biology, marine biotechnology, genetic research and there is the tremendous scope of biotechnological jobs and due to changes in the patent regime in India.

While the government has taken steps for the growth of biotechnology industries and many other improvements are made.

While all those who wish to pursue a career in biotechnology should opt for science stream at 10+2 level.

Also, there is a lot of scope in this field and hard work is also necessary for a successful career in this field.

To get into best college you need to work hard because cracking competitive exams like IIT Jam, AIEEE and much more needs hard work.

First of all these exams need preparation from the very beginning and many students even opt for coaching and crash courses to prepare well for the exams.

Maybe one thing to be kept in mind is that they do not require coaching.

Rather these needs focus and planned studies. So manage time and focus on your goal to achieve your target.

While you must keep deadlines for each task and rather try to complete it on time.

 Most noteworthy that you divide your time and keep time for relaxation and studies both.

As a result, this will keep you away from exhaustion. So prepare well.

So the conclusion is to prepare well and perform the best.

Hence, at last, you must be sure what to do and how to do, so select your choice according to your interest.

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