Full Form of IVF and Its Procedure

Do you know IVF full form?

Let’s read full form of IVF and Procedure For IVF.

IVF: In vitro fertilization (निःसंतानता)

In vitro fertilization is the technique where the development of new developing young one takes place outside the body of the mother.

This process has been a boon for the infertile couples throughout the world.

History of in vitro fertilization

First IVF case in India was reported in Kolkata by great physician Subhash Mukhopadhyay.

He was the father of IVF in India and the first IVF baby was ‘Durga’ who was born after 67 days of IVF procedure.

IVF                                         Source:www.aspirefertility.com

Durga was the second creation of IVF technique, firstly this technique was used to in Lancet, Monash University.

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Steps of In vitro fertilization

1. Ova from the female (mother) is collected and stored under controlled conditions in the laboratory.

2. Sperm from male (father) is collected and stored under controlled conditions.

3. Ova from mother and sperms from the father are fused under the laboratory conditions to form a zygote.

4. A zygote is then preserved under lab conditions with optimum temperature, pressure, and development promoting agents.

5. After few days of development young embryo is then transferred into the mother’s body by ZIFT ( zygote intrafallopian tube transfer).

6. After this process mother undergoes a normal pregnancy.

7. This entire procedure has 80% success chances and its available in very few hospitals.

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Hence, IVF has emerged as a boon for all infertile couples wishing to relish parenthood. These techniques are good enough but one can go for adoption in case you cannot afford these procedures.

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