Top 30+ Best Free Pujnabi Movies Downloads Sites 2020 To Download Free Movies

Punjabi movies, the best entertainer that everyone can have. We watch movies to while our time, to hang out with our friends and families.

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Movies have become a part of life these days. Movies not only entertain us, there are movies which teaches moral and they aspire and inspire us.

There are different types of movies like biographies, science-fiction, fiction, romance, action, adventure, horror, sports, drama etc. You can also find movies on all type of languages from Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam etc.

Punjabi movies are so colorful, so fun with beautiful music with as aspiring stories to watch for.  There are a lot of websites which help us to download movies and watch later on. Not all go to the theatre to watch movies, most of the people download movies on their PC and watch it anytime.

Best Free Pujnabi Movies Downloads Sites

Best Punjabi Movie Download Websites:

Ok Punjab:

Website Url:

This is one of the best websites to download Punjabi movies. Ok Punjab is the best website for downloading Punjabi movies, it always pops into people’s mind when it comes to downloading. Okpunjab is specifically to download Punjabi movies and other Hindi movies.

You can download movies on their PC, mobiles, tablets etc.

HD Movies Free:

Website Url:

HD Movies Free is the top website source to download all type of Punjabi movie download movies from Hollywood to Bollywood. They have their own server, which provides fast download than other web pages. All the movies streaming on this web page are in HD, this is the best page for all HD lovers.

One of the best features about this page is, the user can request their desired movie for download, and they will load it and notifies you later. It makes user easy to download. You can find all type of best quality movies in all languages including subtitles.


Website URL:

The website helps the user to download specific regional free Punjabi movies to download. There are a variety of movies available in their size as well as quality. The user can download it for free. It also has some ads. The user has to be careful while downloading.

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Website URL:

This website has the recent regional Punjabi movies of 2017-2018. It has new Dj Punjab movies to download. These are some of the websites to download full Punjabi movie as well as latest Indian Punjabi movies.

OK Jatt:

Website URL:

Ok Jatt is a popular website for downloading Punjabi movies, it is a very useful link to download Punjabi movies, this website has specific or regional(Punjabi) movies. this website may have some info-links or extra links which can redirect on another source as well.


Website URL:

Another great resource of downloading Punjabi movies for free, filmy pop is popular for downloading any kind of Punjabi, Tamil, Bhojpuri & many another regional  movies.

143 Torrent:

Website URL:

This link may not work in India, This website helps you to download with ease. For utorrent users, to download Punjabi movies, they can use this site.


Website Link:

This website has the specific regional free Punjabi movies with latest updates and news. It has HD movie as well as normal movie so download.

Well Torrent Punjabi:

Website URL:

As you can get an idea by the website name, it is more useful for torrent users.  You can download Punjabi movies directly by getting link and zip files.

Seed HD

Seed HD lets you watch movies and download it for free. You have to register or create an account before downloading. It also has options like watch it later on movies. You can find all type of regional movies like Punjabi, Tamil, and Telugu etc.

Here are some other sites which can help you  to download Punjabi movies for free in 2018-2019:


Website URL:

Movie4star is one the great website to download movies. There are a large number of regional movies available in this website to download like Punjabi, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu etc.  You can also find a different type of genre in this web page.

You can also find features like subtitles and you can also be able to download HD videos. It provides up to 20 languages. There are movies based on comedy, romantic, fiction, action, adventure etc. You then search the movie name directly and download it by the link given.

  1. Watch Movies Free

Watch Movies Free is mostly used movie streaming site. They also provide all live stream movies and other programs. They also provide high-quality movies. It is commonly used a website to download the desired language movie. By its name, we can also watch some of the programs and movies for free.

  1. PublicDomainTorrentsWebsite URL:

PublicDomainTorrents, from its name it’s a domain website to download movies and other videos. It allows the user to convert the video format into mp3 or mp4. there are can be able to find new movies with high quality and with low size.

This web page has the direct links to movies, so it will easy to download on the single click. You won’t get any spam message. There are a lot of fake pages so you have to be careful on downloading.



We know that YouTube is the most popular video site in the world. It has millions of user who use YouTube daily to view and upload videos. It also allows a user to download movies by “youTube_downloader”, it is available on Android. It always provides high-quality videos for free.

Vidmate is also a video downloader on android for easy download. Some videos are not supported due to their high definition.

  1. FullyWatchOnlineWebsite URL:
    This is a hosting website to download movies and watch it for free. It allows the user to watch movies fully on online. It has different links of different quality. It has the rating of each movie, so it will be easier for users to a down load preferable type of movie.This website also withholds some ads, yet the quality of the movie is good. You can download movies of all regional types, Hollywood, Bollywood, Tollywood etc.
  2. MyDownloadTubeWebsite URL:

This website is like an entertainment pack. The website not only lets a user download movies it also gives you a detailed description of the movie and the rating of the movie.
This web page also lets you download serials and other television programs and unlimited songs. It has links to all types of movie.

Most of the people prefer to high-quality HD movies, only then they watch the movie. To satisfy them there are some webpages which provide HD movies alone.

HD Movies Download Websites:

All the websites provide movies on HD, but there are some websites which have high-quality HD movies some of them are listed, which has the best HD Punjabi movies to download.

You can know by its name, yes you can get HD movies. This website provides movies of normal HD to high-quality HD movie. You can get all movies of different language in preferable HD movies.

There are links to the desired movie you are looking for, it is also easy to download movies. You can also subscribe to this pages to get notified about the new upcoming movies. You can get all Punjabi and other regional movies too.

The best website to download movies is FMovies. This is one of the most used pages by the user to download high HD videos with high quality. This website also provides the download link for all types of movies with the desired language.

The best thing about this page is that they have their own server and it provides high speed downloading. The user can also request for their desired movie for downloading. This is the best downloading site for movies of all time.

YTS Movies ( Best Movies u Torrent Download)

YTS movies are also one of the best-downloading sites for movies. It provides a live stream of new music and has a link for all new movies.

You can type the movie name and search for it and it has different links for different languages and movie sizes. It provides best HD videos and you can also download tv programs and serials and music videos as well.

The big drawback is that it has ads and bugs, but don’t worry about it, it won’t cause any harm. It is easy to download a movie without any struggle.

Download Any Movie

Website URL:

You can guess by its name, yes you can download any movies any language. It allows you to download in different languages and with or without subtitles.

This website also allows you to rate the quality of the movie and you can also leave comments. This website is also one of the most commonly used sites to download movies.

Cyro is one of the best-downloading sites for all type of movies. It takes time to update new movies and it can be assured that the quality of the movie is also good. There are options for you to download HD movie or a normal video. There are also rating given to each movie, it helps you to download the movie or not.

This website has ads which are quite disturbing sometimes. Yet you can get to download best movies.


Website URL:

MKVCinemas is a site to download movies. But it has articles about movies and it has all details related to the specific movie. This is recommended for the users who download movies on their mobile phones. You have to create an account to download movies and it lets you to watch free movies of all genres and of all languages.

There are some websites which allow customers to download movies for free without any registration. These websites have recent and last movies. It also has HD type movies.

  1. Download Free Movies

Download free movies is a new site for downloading movies. You can download all types of the movie of all languages. It has Hollywood, Bollywood, all type of other regional movies and you can find dubbed movies of international movies in all type of languages. There are a lot of options on this website. They update daily on their website page about the upcoming movies. There are tons of movie to download on free.

  1. is one of the best online platforms where you can listen to songs, watch videos and you can also play games. They have their own server, you can download movies faster. You can watch movies for free without any registration. There are a lot of options available in this website, you can search for any regional movies of preferable languages to download. There won’t be many ads, which lets a user download easier.

  1. 300MB Movies 4 U

300MB Movies 4 U is the best website for all who loves to download movies on mobile. It is highly recommended one. It has all types of the movie with compressed size. The quality varies but you can find the movies you are looking for. It also contains ads. There are certain terms and conditions for downloading movies.


This is a platform which is specifically to download Punjabi movies.

It has recent movies to download it on HD and it has the best quality.

Just search the movie name and it has some link to download.


This is also one of the best websites to download movies of the specific regional movie of different languages. You can search for the specific movie and download through the link given. It has ads, sometimes it gets redirected to other pages, so be careful while downloading.

Youtube Trick to download free movies:

You can download movies on their PC, mobiles, tablets etc.

Some easy steps to download movies:

  • Add “ss” in front of youtube video like followed by the URL of the movie, and search it on the Google. You can download the movie you want.
  • Add “index of URL of the movie”, you can download movie easier and in the fastest way.

Above are some of the shortcut technique to download movies and you can try it to download movies.

Make sure you don’t click on some ads while downloading, it may redirect you to some other pages. You can try out some of these websites to download and enjoy watching movies.

“Stay Informed and connect to Today’s era  for the latest updates.”