ATM full form in English & Hindi | एटीएम का फुल फॉर्म क्या है ?ATM का पुरा नाम क्या है ?

Do you know ATM full form?

ATM :  General Overview

Full form of ATM is automated teller machine. The detailed history of invention of ATM could be found out easily on Wikipedia but we shall tell you the crux, ATM was invented to foregos the use of much of the manpower needed in banks to provide money to its various customers, banks could not fulfill the demand of customers for money at any point of time , a long process was needed to be followed for cash withdrawal and to check out the balance information.

ATM provided an easy way of money withdrawn from current or savings account, 24*7 hours service, these days mobile recharge and various other payments like movie tickets, online shopping, bill payments, concert tickets, gold, postage stamps etc., could be done through atm card, transferring money between linked accounts, updating passbooks, etc . These were the benefits and need for the invention of ATM but now we will discuss what an ATM is.

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ATM full form in Hindi : ऑटोमैटिक टेलर मशीन 

ATM as discussed above is known as automated teller machine is also known as an automated banking machine in Canadian English. An ATM is an electronic transmission device used by the banks and other financial institutions to avail its customers with its cash needs at any point of time.

It is said that there are around 3.5 million ATMs around the world. Now after understanding what an ATM is, its uses and need and the worldwide usage, the next step is to make you aware of how an ATM works.

Many of us especially an ancient generation feels complicated and difficult to use machinery for various purposes, even using an ATM tends to be a big problem for them.

Its simple to use an ATM, the following are the various steps to use an ATM:-

1.) First of all, check whether the ATM machine has a green light popping on it or not, if the light is red you need to stop until it becomes green

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2.)The SECOND step is to insert your ATM card into the machine and take it out once the machine detects your card.

3.) The THIRD step is that you will find the machine asking you a pin code, you have to enter the pin or the password so explained and given by your concerned bank or institution.

4.) In FOURTH step you will be asked if you want to withdraw money from your current or savings account or you want a mini statement about the information of your balance and other transactions. You need to click on whatever your need is.

5.) If you feel like having a mini statement than the machine will provide you with a paper where all the concerned information about your account and other transactions about balance etc. will be there.

6.) If you feel like withdrawing money than you need to fill an amount on the machine according to your need. If you have insufficient balance the machine will not provide you with any money but if you have sufficient balance ATM will provide you with your money from your bank account.

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Now you may be concerned about the security too, after discussing all these a questions may arise in your head that what if someone takes away this machine or steals the machine, so my answer would be first of all the machine is too heavy to be stolen and secondly there is camera in the room where this machine is kept and you must have seen even there is a watchman sitting usually outside or inside that room, there are multiple cameras that protect the ATM.

Next or the last thing that can come to our mind would be if there is some fraud, usually not. All the ATM have a bank name upon it so it is safe, it was earlier that people used to do frauds but these days it is almost safe to use.

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