Wine Love: How to Make Wine at Home

Let’s learn how to make wine at home.

What you read in this post:

• Discover the art of winemaking
• How to make this adorable wine( industrial process)
• How to make wine at home
• Wine before bed makes you loose weight.
• Wines in France.

Discover the art of making wine

Advancement has reached in every aspect of life. Food, travel, entertainment, living & everything is getting advanced and with increasing modernization, the acceptance of the modern trends is also visible in a larger scenario.

In present, if we talk about our food and beverage industry, then it can be easily analyzed that with changing time, wine one of the most important part of French eatery and beverage has reached across the world.
So here are few facts which help you finding the reason behind the glamor and fame of wine all over the world.

How to Make Wine at Home

How to make this adorable wine

Mature grapes with high sugar content are selected and crushed to get the grape juice.

Stainless steel fermenter of 10 liters to 1000liters is used as the fermenter. These have regulated temperature and moisture.

Then specific yeast variety is added in fermenter order to initiate the fermentation process.(Saccharomyces cerevisiae Ellipsoids)
#The reason behind using this variety of yeast is that it is resistant to high temperature and has high alcohol tolerance.

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Then after the fermentation process has begun the Sulphur dioxide is added to the fermenter.

The addition of sulfur dioxide prevents the wild yeast growth and inhibits acid production.

Critical step: This step of industrial wine production is most challenging.It involves ageing of wine.

Wines are stored in big barrels of wood or big vats at the cool temperature for few months to several years.

The reason behind using wooden barrels in wine production is that they are porous and allow oxidation of the wine.

As the wine ages, it becomes soft and is named as mellow.

Malolactic fermentation

In the process of wine making the fermentation is of a malolactic type which means, the malic acid and the tartaric acid in grapes used for the production of wine are converted into the lactic acid and carbon dioxide by several yeasts like L.planatorium, and L.berrius.

This step is necessary for the stability of wine and it’s absence can lead to denaturation.

How to make wine at home

Here are following Requirements for wine making at home:

• Funnels
• Airlocks
• Rubber cork
• Plastic tube
• Hydrometer
• Big food grade quality basket to act as the primary fermenter.
• Glass jugs to act as the second dry fermenter.
• 20 wine bottles.
Substrate requirements for wine making at home:
• Grapes.( good quality grapes).
• Granulated sugar
• Wine yeast
• Water

Wine making at home

• Autoclave or sterilize the instruments to be used.
• Carefully choose the kind of grapes you need, ensure that they are ripened and are high quality.
• Wash the grapes
• Remove the stems.
• Crush the grapes to get fresh grape juice. Juice obtained is called ‘must’.
• Add wine yeast.
• Check the moisture content, if the hydrometer reads 1.010, it’s the perfect time to mix sugar.
• Cover the bucket which is being used primary fermenter).
• Allow fermenting for 10 days.
• After 10 days the solvent froth and sediment are separated.
• Separate the sediment and filter.
• Now take the glass jugs (secondary fermenter)
• Now take the glass jugs (secondary fermenter) and fill them with obtained forth in the previous step.
• Allow further fermentation for several days.
• Using the plastic tube stain the wine obtained into another jug.
• This is called siphoning.
• Continuous siphoning is done by the plastic tube to obtain a clear wine.
• After the clear wine is obtained fill it in bottles.
• Put the cork on the bottles.
• Store at 55°c for at least 3 days.
• Further fermentation is done in accordance with the kind of wine you desire. In the case of white wine fermentation period is 6 months. In the case of red wine fermentation period is 1 year.

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Two glasses of wine help you maintain weight

In the recent research of Washington, state university, and Harvard medical school, red wine consumption after the meal helps in losing or regulating weight.

A minimal quantity of wine helps in preventing obesity, and improper metabolic activities.

Red wine has polyphenol which converts the white fat into beige fat, which is easily burned and is not accumulative in nature.

In recent research, it has been discovered that women who consume wine are less prone to heart diseases and overweight.

Wines in France

French food is incomplete without French wine. France is the highest producer of wine in the world.
The average production of wine in world ranges from 50-60 hectoliters per year.

There are the different variety of wines produced ranging from cheapest wines to the topmost and most lavish wines.

There are large vineyards which have specific terroirs ( the unique combination of natural factors) for growing grapes to produce the different variety of wines.

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Few major categories of wines produced in France are as follows:
• Red wine
• Rose wine
• White wine
• Sparkling wine
• Fortified wine
• Fortified wines are endemic in France.

So next time when you have a glass of wine in your hand, you know where it comes from. And what’s so special about it which makes it so popular.


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