How to Manage Your Food Waste Disposal?

Food disposal is one of the most un-avoided things especially in restaurants, hotels and highly trafficked eating places if not we’ll be planned.

In residential places, food waste can be managed well since one can determine how much to cook that will fit the family with minimal waste. Since at our home cooking becomes a routine one can be sure to know how much the family eats hence one can have as minimal food waste as possible.

However, you cannot eliminate the probability of food waste in our residential home. For both residential and commercial places food waste disposal should always be done well to reduce the effect of causing the breakout of diseases, contamination, bad odor, and attracting rodents in your vicinity.

To maintain good health and clean environment food should be disposed on time and well. There are numerous ways to which waste can be disposed of off safely and hygienically.

It is also important to note food waste is not generally the bad waste, with the right type of disposal food waste can be reused in a way it will benefit you.

How to Manage Your Food Waste Disposal

Definition of food waste disposal

Food left overs, food that is not fresh, food droppings all these can be termed as food waste and needs to be disposed of the kitchen. Food disposal is the collection of food stuff and left overs in the kitchen or eating area.

This is done in a special way to sort the soft type of food with hard types like the bones. Food waste disposal, when managed well, can be limited and it turns be helpful. The first important tip to consider when thinking about food disposal is where to put the food.

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Putting it in plastic bags make it go bad easily because of the fermentation. To help keep it fresh a little bit longer, placing them in containers is considerable. By disposing of the food waste you will create a clean and favorable environment for those working there.

How to manage food waste disposal?

 Knowing your budget on food

Helping the basics of managing food waste disposal, knowing your budget estimate is vital. This gives the kitchen managers a way to deal with the wastage and always to monitor the food consumption in their respective eating places.

Whether at home or in the eating places, managing the food is crucial. It should be done well and this will limit the wastage.

Basic education and eating habits

Chewing what you can swallow. As a phrase, it emphasizes on the eating habit and always one should ask what he/she can eat fully. Educating people about food wastage is good. This gives a disciplined way of eating and manners regarding food waste.

Having the basics as one grows up it helps in reducing and eating the required portion. Even at the hotels, motels the basic education when applied will limit the food wastage at a high level.

Good storage

Food storage is one of the best ways of managing food waste. With the best storage facilities and knowledge dealing with the wastage will be simple. Depending on the type of food, storing will always extend the usage when well used.

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Good storage gives the managers a way to rotate the diets and food available. Even at home storing food in the fridge makes it possible to budget how it will be managed and cooked.

Good cooking and preparation of food

Cooking is the process of turning the raw food into a ready to consume food. This may involve adding other supplements to accompany the recipe prepared. However, cooking may simply add to the amount of food disposed either at home or in the restaurant.

This is always by getting food on the table that is not well cooked or which that does not match the person eating it. Eating comes with the taste and preference and thus what has been placed in the order by the customer should meet the expectations and thus limited food waste.

Providing a variety of food

Malnourished comes when the type of food available is monotonous and hardly there could not be an option to change the diet. Areas with this type should opt to have and extended food growing that is mixed. Even in cooking, mixed diet is very healthy and thus it will limit the amount of food wastage.

Time table

The different variety of food available at home or in the restaurant will always give reasons why the food wastage is minimal. At times cooking food should be classified as the days and the offers attached to them especially the restaurants.

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Even at home, the exciting timetable of food to be cooked gives people the appetite to eat and minimize wastage.

Type of food disposal

It is important that you try and one or all of the above to minimize food wastage. however, if there is any waste generated then you need to know all ways to dispose of it carefully and hygienically.

– Compost pit disposal: where later it can be made into compost manure and used for your garden.

– Colored disposal bag: which is then picked by the garbage collectors disposed of well

– Animal Feed: if one is rearing pig or cow’s food waste disposal becomes easy.

– Land fill: mostly done by government for huge quantity waste disposal form commercial places like hotels


Food security around the world is becoming more and more and thus requires proper ways of conserving and storing it. With the improved methods of storage, you can definitely be able to manage little by little.

This will cater for the current demand, at home or hotel and keep the rest safe for another day. With the emphasis on the food security, also education on basics will help curb the wastage of the available food. ly is better to swallow what one can chew and not be driven by greed that turns as a waste.