What Is The Full Form of IUPAC?

Do You Know What is the full form of IUPAC?

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IUPAC: The International Union of Pure And Applied Chemistry

Chemistry is full of organic and inorganic compounds. To name these compounds IUPAC has set certain rules.

International Union for pure and applied chemistry is the regulatory body which gives guidance for naming the chemical compounds in a worldwide acceptable manner.

IUPAC Full Form in Hindi: शुद्ध और व्यावहारिक रसायन के अंतर्राष्ट्रीय संघ

The guidelines given by IUPAC for naming are well preserved in records in the form of books. The ‘blue book’ and ‘red book’ are two volumes containing the rules of IUPAC nomenclature of compounds.

Other than these there is one Green book which describes ways to use symbols often uses in chemical mathematics. The Golden book has a large number of definitions of technical terms frequently used in chemistry.

IUPAC Full form                                                Source:www.iupac2017.org

History Of IUPAC

IUPAC was set up in the year 1913 after the world war. The necessity for uniquely identifying every compound and element in chemistry all over the world gave birth to this Organization.

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There are many different types of nomenclature for organic,  inorganic, coordinate, and several other types of compounds.

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