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“Films are the mirror of different stories revolving around us”!

List of top 5 Italian movies

  1. Call me by your name:

It’s one of the unconventional love story. It interrogates the set norms of existing love and related myths. The passionate attraction grows between 17-year-old boy and doctorate student. It’s a gay love story.

As you move ahead with Elio’s love story, one can easily relate to the way how young boys often experience exploring their sexuality.

 The story will definitely help you get closer and more familiar with an absolutely different dimension of love and attraction.  The plot is set in the family’s summer vacation home in Lombard, Italy.

The story is based on the novel of Andre Aciman and adapted by James Ivory. It’s one of the classic villa dramas about sexual desire and awakening of young 17-year-old Elio.

  1. The Commitments

It’s a motion painting by Alan Parker on the canvas. A just high school grad planning to start a band finds three voices which are followed by yet another sequence of catastrophic and crock events. The plot is set Dublin and it’s an honest heartwarming story about young minds.

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 The amalgamation of the young mind and their hot sexual aspirations add spice to the mood of the film. The dreams and desires in combination create an ultimate rhythmic band Dublin soul band.

Raddy Doyle, a school teacher is the father of this story. It’s the brainchild nourished by Alan Parker.

  1. Cinema Paradiso

Directed by Giuseppe’s Tornatore’s Cinema Paradiso is the story of how a director evolved from a small child looking at the cinematic world in his village to greater heights. Jaqques  Perrin, Philippe Noiret, Marco Leonardi, Agnese Nano, Leopoldo Trieste and Salvatore cascio are the major role players.

 They tune well together to create musical drama come alive on the celluloid. Cinema paradise a movie house becomes a centre of fascination for young six-year-old Salvatore.

He grows up learning projection in the cinema paradise. Absolutely contemplating about the cut intimate scenes in the movies, he ends up creating his own lustful and frenzy plot in the end.

  1. Rome, the Open city

Rome, the open city is a neorealism drama based on the post world war 2 conditions. It brings pain, suffering, agony, desperation and poverty of the post-war working class of people. Being the neorealistic film it’s more genuine and natural on celluloid. It won the Cannes Gold prize and is also nominated for the best original onscreen play for 19th Oscar academy awards. Anna Magnani, Marcello Pagliero, Aldo Fabrizi make characters live and absolutely mesmerizing.

  1. The Leopard

Based on the fiction novel of Giuseppe Tomasi, this is an epic drama film nurtured by Luchino Visconti. This is the story of revolution followed by decline. The magical ball, palace, Kingly dynamics and grand looks justify the plot.

All movies in this symbolize different tastes of Italian cinema. Check all of them out and relish your weekend enjoying these epic stories now!

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