Do you know what is CHO full form? CHO क्या होता है?

CHO Full Form-(Carbohydrates)/(Sugars)

CHO Full Form

CHO क्या होता है? CHO के बारे में जानकारी

Food is one of the primary necessities of human being, scientifically it is a source of vital
elements necessary for our growth and living. In modern times It serves as a major role in
various cultures in the form of vibrant cuisines.

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There are four basic components of food including vitamins, lipids, proteins, and carbohydrates. Each of these components has a well-defined role. All these nutrients
together formulate a balanced diet.

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What are carbohydrates?

Carbohydrate is an energy giving component of food. It is present in almost all the food items we consume in our daily lives. The level of carbohydrate in each food determines the amount of energy it will deliver on consumption. Vegetables, fruits, cereals, and pulses all have varying amounts of carbohydrates.

In our day to day language, we call carbohydrates as ‘sugars’. These sugars are responsible for imparting sweetness in our food items. There are numerous forms of sugars fructose, glucose, mannose, galactose are few of them.

Composition of carbohydrates in several food items in daily consumption:

  1. Wheat – 72.2%
  2. Rice- 79.0 %
  3. Meat – 0.015%
  4. Beans – 13.0%
  5. Groundnut – 19.50%
  6. Apple- 13.49%
  7. Orange- 8.6%
  8. Potato – 20.7%
  9. Tomato – 3.8%
  10. Sweet Corn – 17.7%

Benefits Of Carbohydrate Consumption

As it is already known that carbohydrates serve as energy giving food items, other than this they also act as dietary fibers and help in proper digestion. Hemicellulose is one of the sugar which induces weight loss and stimulates the immune system. Doctors also claim them as being anticarcinogenic and helpful in overcoming cholesterol problems.

कार्बोहायड्रेट का अर्थ है कार्बन के हाइड्रेट

Sucrose found in sugarcane is one of the widely used sweetener. Internationally it is used as a standard to compare the sweetness of every sweetener being synthesized artificially. In nature fructose (fruit sugar) is one of the sweetest in the world (173.3). Artificially manufactured saccharin has a value greater than all natural sweeteners approx 30000 when compared to sucrose.

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Array of functions of Sugars!

  1. Alcohol Production: Fermentation process of carbohydrates in grapes or wheat leads to
    the formation of wine or alcohol. Wine is one of the major leisure commodity of
    consumption. Its production requires careful handling and a suitable percentage of sugar
    in raw material being used. A glass of wine makes the skin more glowing.
  2. Antioxidant: Sugars are composed of aldehyde and ketone containing polyhydroxy
    substances. The aldehyde or ketone of sugars interact with the protein present in the
    food items and makes a browning appearance. This browning is also called ‘
    Caramelization’. Caramelization induces antioxidant properties and prevents food from
  3. Texture to Food items: The grittiness in sweet condensed milk, cookies, pastries,
    biscuits and variety of bakery items is due to the crystallization of sugar.
  4. Preservative properties: Sugars play an important role in the preservation of food items from spoilage. They inhibit the growth of microorganisms on the surface of food items. In jams, jellies, Bread and sauces sugars act as preservatives.
  5. As a viscosity Builders in gravies: Starch is a carbohydrate composed of amylose and
    amylopectins. It swells up in the hygroscopic environment. If the amylose portion is higher in the starch then it dissolves in the water making gravies, pudding or sauces thicker.Starch plays a very important role as a gelating agent in the food industry.
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Other than consumption, sugar or carbohydrates are also utilized in other forms. For example, clothes made out of cotton, linen, and rayon have carbohydrate in their fabric material.

”Pleasure becomes a poison after the critical limit !” Intake of too much sugar may lead to many disorders like diabetes, hypertension, obesity, or tooth decay. Opt for a balanced diet to stay healthy.

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